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Bruce Willis’ wife makes heartbreaking plea after his dementia diagnosis.

In a devastating update, Emma addressed the notion that news outlets have been vying to capture images of 67-year-old Bruce without understanding the impact their activities could be having on him.

Bruce Willis quit acting last year after he was diagnosed with aphasia. Fans and friends from all over the world sent him lots of love and support. His health seems to have gotten worse, and his family just found out that he has dementia.

Certainly, the actor’s health looks to be deteriorating, with the majority of his time spent behind closed doors with his loved ones.

Yet, it seems that many websites and news sources are still trying all they can to get images of him whenever feasible. It’s something Emma Heming Willis wants to put an end to, releasing a statement in which she asks paparazzi photographers to stop pestering Bruce.

Emma remembered a recent incident in which paparazzi tried to crowd the A-lister as he left his house for a rare catch-up with pals in Santa Monica in a video posted on Instagram.

Emma remarked that if one cares for someone with dementia, one understands just how difficult and frustrating it can be to bring them out into the world and navigate it safely, even simply to buy a cup of coffee.

It is evident that much more education is required. So this one is for the photographers and videographers who are attempting to get those exclusives of her husband out there. Just maintain one’s own space.

In the video, she acknowledged that her husband’s position will always make him a target of the press, but she hoped to remind them that his worsening health changes everything.

She said that she understood that this was one’s work, but perhaps one should just maintain one’s space. Please don’t shout at her spouse or ask him how he’s doing. The woo-hooing and yippee-ki-simply-yays don’t work. Give him some room. Let the family or whomever is with him that day securely transport him from point A to point B.

Emma’s need to tell people not to bother Bruce after he was diagnosed is also a serious accusation. People should back off and respect his personal space! He may be a superstar, but he is first and foremost a human being, just like the rest of us.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe the media should back off and leave Bruce Willis alone? Please share your ideas in the comments section.

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