New York boy who sacrifices his own life to save sister from a speeding SUV- He’s Her Hero.

Desari Mack resided in the Medford neighborhood of Suffolk County, New York, with her 13-year-old kids, Tyler Philips and Krystal Randolph. The kids attended William Paca Middle School and lived peacefully with their mom.

But, everything changed two days after Philips’ birthday. A terrible occurrence threw the family’s lives into disarray. It was something they had not anticipated happening.

Philips was heading home with Randolph after spending some time together in the neighborhood park on a regular day. The kids enjoyed visiting the park since it was the only one in their neighborhood.

The siblings were walking on Granny Road’s bike lane at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 12, 2022. While they were hoping to be home soon, they were struck from behind by an SUV.

Philips leapt in front of the truck without hesitation to shove his sister away. The little kid wanted to protect his sister from harm, but he had no clue that his bravery would cost him his life.

The driver of the grey SUV drove away after the crash rather than stopping to see what occurred to the little kids. The first responders responded quickly and transported the teens to Stony Brook University Hospital.

While Randolph’s wounds were not fatal, Philips’ situation was severe. Mack was distraught to learn that a hit-and-run driver had smashed into her children. She had no idea what was going to occur next.

The physicians announced Philips’ death on Thursday morning. While attempting to help Randolph, the caring brother died as a result of his wounds. His demise affected his family members. 

Philips’ birthday was only two days ago, and the family never expected to lose him so soon. Rather than hoping for his future, his mom was suddenly forced to plan his burial.

Today is Tyler's birthday he is 13 years old where did time though go? he's growing up so fast.. he's smart he's a a…

Posted by Dez Mac on Monday, 10 October 2022

Because Philips’ family had agreed to donate his organs, he remained in the hospital. However, his aunt, Crystal Floww, established a GoFundMe account to assist the family financially. She stated her nephew was bright, adventurous, and fiery while being kind. He cared for those he loved with all of his heart.

Officials from the William Floyd School District resorted to social media to vent their views. They expressed gratitude for Randolph’s survival but were deeply saddened to hear of Tyler’s death.

The school district also said that if anybody needed assistance after learning about the accident, counselors would be available. They also provided assistance to Philip’s relatives. However, Superintendent of Schools Lance Lohman stated that during this terribly terrible time, their thoughts and prayers are with Tyler and Krystal’s family and friends.

Randolph stated of her late brother, he saved her life. While healing from her wounds, she was grieving his demise. Mack, in the meantime, stated: He was a true hero. He will always be remembered as a hero.

Mack and her kids had spent a year in a shelter. Because they didn’t have a car, the siblings walked to the park, as did the majority of the youngsters who lived there.

Authorities published facts about the hit-and-run car soon after the terrible tragedy. They thought it was a light gray Chevrolet Equinox from 2005 to 2009. According to Deputy Inspector David Doherty, they anticipate that the car involved will have front and/or side passenger damage. They are actively searching for witnesses and footage in the neighborhood.

Residents were advised to call the police if they had any details about the car or the driver. The cops are appealing to the public for assistance in locating the culprit.

Philip’s unexpected death taught us the value of careful driving. We send our sincere sympathies to his family and loved ones who are suffering as a result of this disaster.

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