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Christopher Meloni and his wife, who used a surrogate to have their kids, are celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary.

Christopher Meloni has played investigator Elliott Stabler on “Law and Order: SVU” since 1999. Mariska Hargitay, his co-star and companion in crime on the program, played detective Olivia Benson.

The two have been confused for a couple, although Meloni has his own companion in crime in real life. The co-stars do, however, enjoy a strong bond.

Doris Sherman Williams, an artist, is Meloni’s wife. The couple met on the set of a television show. Meloni was still in the midst of landing his breakout role, while Williams was working as the set designer.

The actor allegedly rated the TV episode as enormously forgettable, but it will now be remembered forever thanks to his wife.

Meloni recalls Williams coming on a motorcycle at the set. Her short blonde hair and stylish eyeglasses drew his attention. Meloni said in an interview. When Meloni had the guts to approach Williams, he discovered she had a boyfriend.

Years later, the pair reconnected in Los Angeles and began dating. Meloni and William wedded on a beach in Malibu, California in 1989.

Before Williams had to go abroad for work, the couple drank a few drinks to celebrate their nuptials. It had been a day of business and pleasure.

Meloni also allegedly admitted that their marriage did not take place at the ideal moment. The actor was still attempting to establish himself in the performing world, and his wife was constantly going in and out of the country.

Despite this, Meloni and Willaims have stayed happily married for the past 27 years. They have also grown their family and are now a lovely family of four.

Meloni appeared on the cover of People and revealed the key to his nearly three-decade marriage. Surprisingly, the actor stated that it does not feel like it has been 27 years. 

In the video, though, the actor stated that he and Williams have an underlying love and respect for one another that they have retained through the years.

The “Law & Order” actor also credited his wife for their marriage’s resilience. Meloni stated that Williams was gentle with him and let him develop at his own speed. He was very open about who was more mature in the relationship, claiming that his wife was always more mature.

Meloni also gushed about his wife’s abilities. He said her artwork was all over their home and added that Williams desired to purchase paintings, but Meloni refused that is not what he wanted. He’d wish to have hers.

Meloni said that he and William had an ambition of becoming parents one day, which they achieved. Their first child, Sophia Eva Pietra, was born in 2001, and their son Dante Amadeo was born in 2004 via surrogacy.

Meloni said that becoming a parent has provided him great joy. He remembered his mom telling him how much she had learnt from him as a youngster and how he couldn’t wait to pass those teachings on to his kids.

Sophia, Meloni’s eldest daughter, is now at college. The father and daughter enjoy a tight bond. Sohpie showed off her comedy skills on Father’s Day, and the actor posted a photo of the amusing present he got from his daughter.

A framed tweet from one of Meloni’s admirers said, “I observed Chris Meloni, one of television’s roughest tough guys, struggling to supervise two children during a brunch at Columbus Circle around 2007.”

The framed post also included a photo of Sophia and her brother as toddlers, to which she joked, “the toddlers in question.” Despite the fact that Meloni and his kids enjoy cracking laughs together, the actor admits that parenthood is not always easy.

The law and order actor expressed that he is extremely physical, very loving, he added, adding that his kids would call him “crazy.” Meloni, on the other hand, emphasized that he is quite serious on education and would not budge on it.

Because it takes a community to raise a kid, Meloni selected his co-star Hargitay to be Sophia’s godmother. On and off the set of “Law & Order,” the cast members enjoy a terrific friendship. Hargitay even said that Meloni and Williams had inspired her.

She added it was pleasant to witness a firm that a couple loved one another after their first kid was born. Hargitay was particularly touched that her friend involved her in the sacred process of childbirth.

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