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Susan Lucci Sends Birthday Message to Late Spouse of 53 Years — She Called Off Her Engagement for Him.

Susan Lucci, an American actress and television host, has been happily married to her husband, Helmut Huber, for a long time. They welcomed 2 kids and reared them with love and joy.

Unfortunately, Huber died in early 2022, ending their voyage to infinity. Lucci extended love to her late husband on what would have been his 85th birthday a few months after his death.

On October 10, 2022, the Hollywood icon posted a photo of herself seated by a table with a small cake and a candle in front of her on Instagram.

Lucci, dressed in a lovely black and flower-patterned gown, smiled as she gazed out at the desert. Along with the wonderful photograph came a caption that read: ”Happy 10/10 Birthday, Sweetheart. Birthday breakfast surrounded by our lovely friends. Making a wish for you.”

Lucci has been in mourning since Huber’s death and has talked up about the gentleman he was. During the Daytime Emmy Awards’ Memoriam section in June 2022, the Hollywood actress delivered an emotional tribute in memory of her spouse.

The actress praised Huber, calling him a larger-than-life power of nature. Lucci went on to say that her late husband was a natural leader who made everyone around him laugh most of the time. Huber was eventually his widow’s ideal guy and the love of her life. In her closing remarks, Lucci stated, they say that sadness is the cost of love. Grief is a painful price to pay, but she would not give up even one second of love.

Prior to Huber’s death, the couple had been together for more than 50 years, and their love story started when Lucci was only 18 years old. Here are the specifics.

Lucci and Huber met at the Garden City Hotel in New York in 1965. The actress was 18 at the time and worked as a waitress at the business, while her future husband was an executive chef and the head of the hotel’s food and beverage services.

When Lucci saw him, she pushed her colleague and inquired about Huber. The “All My Children” actress later discovered he was her supervisor and nine years her senior.

Despite her interest, Lucci never imagined them falling in love. Huber, on the contrary hand, was enamored the moment he saw the actress. He’d later admit that it was a wonderful experience for him.

But, Huber did not give it a try until 1968. Lucci had gotten engaged to her lover that year, and her parents had thrown an engagement party. The incident happened at the same hotel where Huber was visiting friends.

Lucci’s parents ultimately ran into him in the corridor, and her mom asked him to supper. Huber was across from Lucci, who was sitting next to her fiancé, for the meal. He thoroughly considered their romance and determined that it would fail. Huber said to Lucci’s mother that this relationship between Susie and this boy will not continue.

Finally, the chef won Lucci’s heart, forcing her to call off her engagement to her fiancé. They started dating after that, and after three months, Huber proposed.

The pair exchanged wedding vows on September 9, 1969. Lucci and Huber’s marriage developed in the years that followed, demonstrating their love for one another. Huber even left his hotel and restaurant executive position in 1982 to handle Lucci’s profession. Fortunately, it paid off.

Contrary to the couple’s original beliefs, their nine-year age difference had no effect on their love. Lucci and Huber recalled their love story and battled over it as if they were newly married for the 53 years they were together.

It was a magnificent experience for the couple, as their love overcame all obstacles. Huber was not only a loving spouse, but also a caring father and grandpa, for which he gained praise from his wife.

Huber did many wonderful things for his wife, even fulfilling her desire of having a family. In 2016, Lucci said that she had desired to become an actress since she was a youngster, but she also wanted to have a family. Luckily, Huber made it possible, and Lucci expressed gratitude.

The pair worked well together throughout their relationship. An informant claims that Lucci and Huber were great friends who did everything together.

Furthermore, the insider stated that the actress enjoyed every aspect of her marriage to Huber. She would dress up for him even in her old age, and her husband cherished her.

In addition to admiring his wife’s beauty, Huber expressed his affection for Lucci in other ways. When the actress was abroad filming a film, Huber had an artist come into their home and paint a replica of the clouds and sky outside on their ceiling.

Lucci praised it, saying Huber stole her breath away. Nevertheless, the couple’s marriage was an example to many, but Huber’s death brought it to an end.

Huber died quietly at home on March 28, 2022, leaving his wife and other family members bereaved. Huber’s death was described as a huge loss for everybody who knew and adored him in a statement sent by Lucci’s spokesperson, Jessica Sciacchitano.

Lucci’s spouse, based on the publicist, was a wonderful husband, father, and grandpa. The family’s representative expressed similar sentiments.

Huber’s death was terrible for all those who knew him, particularly Lucci. According to one source, he was the actress’s “all,” and his departure crushed her heart.

It’s been over seven months since Huber died, and Lucci is still in mourning. Fans are praying for the Hollywood actress to heal from her sorrow.

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