At Waffle House, an angry trucker destroys a nasty woman abuser.

The camera footage of the event begins in the middle of the argument. When this coward pounded on a woman, the bigger guy, a truck driver, got upset and got in his face with a very private invitation, yelling obscenities at the plainly terrified smaller black male. In a matter of seconds, the huge guy declares to the woman abuser, “You touch her again, and you will be my mother f****ng breakfast.”

The not-so-gentle giant stated to the coward that assaulting a lady is not a good way to make one’s point, and if he does it again, the huge gentleman would personally punish this loser. This occurred when the woman beater raged at his wife/girlfriend and began strangling her at the Waffle House.

The event happened inside a packed Waffle House, and the enormous man’s rage only grew during the video. As can be seen, things became violent when he chose to brutalize the lady beater in order to ensure that his message was received loud and clear.

Soon after, the smaller man’s companion stood up, which appeared to boost his confidence. The two smaller individuals could then be seen standing on top of the restaurant furniture, threatening to shoot the man, but he seemed unfazed. In fact, he exclaims at one point, “Shoot me mother f***er. Shoot me. It won’t be the first time.”

If one hits a woman, one deserves to be embarrassed and addressed. We need more men like him, individuals who will stand up for others and do the right thing regardless of how hazardous it is. Although it’s unlikely that this man has stopped hurting women, it’s wonderful to see that he was publicly shamed for his acts.

What I’m afraid about is that when this idiot gets home with his wife/girlfriend, he will hit her for humiliating him. That’s what these creatures do. She needs to put herself out there. If she has children, she must leave before it is too late for both her and the children. Since if she doesn’t, he’ll push it too far and beat her to death one day.

The idiot’s friend who stuck up for him at Waffle House is also most likely a violent bully. Birds of a feather flock together… That enormous trucker is a warrior. He served in the Gulf War, according to his wife. He’s also a great kind person who shouldn’t be messed with by a cowardly woman beater.

That large guy should never have to pay for his supper at Waffle House again. It’s a pity there aren’t more individuals like him in the world. Let’s hope the lady beater learnt his lesson about beating women. Lets hope, he won’t do that again since the next man he does it in front of might not be so pleasant.

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