Wedding photographer declines to issue a refund after the bride dies in a car accident, ridicules the groom online.

Justin Montney of Colorado had proposed to his girlfriend, Alexis Wyatt.

The happy couple engaged a Texas-based videography business to document their special day. They signed a contract and paid a $1,800 deposit to the firm.

However, Alexis died in a vehicle accident at the age of 22 just before their wedding.

The death was unexpected, startling, and terrible. While grieving the death of his love, Justin was faced with cleaning up the remains of their shattered wedding preparations.

Justin emailed the videography firm a few weeks later to inform them that there would be no wedding. He recounted the terrible situations and requested a refund of his $1,800 deposit.

No, the corporation claimed, and his deposit was nonrefundable, as is “industry practice.”

While Justin claims that his other suppliers were supportive of the cancellation and his sadness, this specific firm went a step further in refusing to issue a refund.

When the bereaved husband-to-be continued to attempt to get his money back and made his tale public when he couldn’t, the firm allegedly threatened to sue him.

The corporation then constructed a website in his name, which is where the story takes an even more worrisome turn.

Watch the video to learn more about what occurred.

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