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Nicolas Cage Marks Turning 59 As A Happy Grandfather Who Loves ‘Every Second’ With Grandkids.

Nicolas almost didn’t get to be a grandpa because his son, Weston, had a difficult first marriage. The birth of his first kid, as per Weston, is what kept him going.

Nicolas Cage, 53, became a first-time grandfather in 2015 when his then-25-year-old son, Weston, and his wife, Danielle, welcomed a newborn boy.

While he plays strong characters in movies, Cage, who turns 59 today, is considered to be a softie when it comes to his grandchildren. He has stated that he enjoys every minute of being a grandpa and is looking forward to meeting his grandsons, Lucian and Sorin.

When asked what his favorite part of becoming a grandpa was, Cage responded it was seeing his grandchildren smile. He also discussed his children, saying that he will always be there to encourage his children in all the beautiful things they do.

As much as Cage has to say about his kids and grandchildren, his son is pleased to name him his dad and describes him as a fantastic grandpa.

Weston has shared multiple images of the boy on social media since his birth, demonstrating how gorgeous he is. Weston’s life was altered by the birth of Lucian.

It’s a far cry from the dramatic headlines that once surrounded Nicolas Cage’s oldest kid. There were reports of a brutal brawl with Weston’s former trainer and a tumultuous divorce from his ex-wife, Nikki Williams.

Cage became a grandfather for the second time in late May 2016, when his son and his wife had their second baby, Sorin. Weston announced the news on Facebook and shared the cutest photo of his baby son with the world.

Weston even stated that his kid had saved his and his partner’s life and that they were pleased to be his parents at the moment.

It came to the point where individuals believe he was building his own grave, he said of his sober path at the time. Weston used to consume numerous cases of beer, a box of wine, and hard liquor in a single day when he was at his lowest.

When he was hospitalized in 2012 due to severe withdrawal symptoms, he quit drinking cold turkey. Cage’s first marriage to Williams was ending at the time, and he met Danielle through mutual acquaintances soon after.

Danielle informed at the time that he was on his path to recovery when she met him. She explained that she could see he was working hard to make his marriage work, despite the fact that he wasn’t acknowledged.

Danielle’s first piece of advise to him was that he required to find somebody who loved him as much as he loved them. The couple married in England in 2013, and they currently live in Los Angeles with Lucian and Sorin.

Before Sorin’s birth, Danielle claimed that spending time with both of them was tranquil. She stated that they may be doing anything as long as they are doing it together.

Weston went on to say that he wished Lucian to understand what true guitar playing entailed. Lucien’s then-father had played Spanish music for him, and they would spend time touching one another and listening to flamenco music.

Weston had strong contact with his dad despite his estrangement from his mom, Christina Fulton. According to Cage, his son was a complete artist who could create music, sing, act, sculpt, cook, and be a loving parent.

At the moment, the actor stated that watching his son with his grandchild was the closest thing to ecstatic fulfilment. Weston stated that striving to be the best for his family was the simplest part of keeping sober.

He exclaimed that making a lovely kid with the lady he loved and seeing their first son grow up to be a natural elder brother was something his heart would always be ablaze with joy over.

Weston earlier noted that his dad was a “wonderful” grandfather. He said that many of the ideals and beliefs he would impart his kid originated from his dad.

Weston confirmed this when Lucian was born, as well as the fact that Cage was an excellent parent to him. With his third wife, Alice Kim, he had another kid, Kal-El.

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