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UPS Man Sees Note Scribbled On Package, Helps Toddler And Mom Escape.

James Jordan, 33, of Missouri, will not be winning any Father or Husband of the Year accolades as a result of what he did to his wife and their 3-year-old kid. What the two had to go through was nothing short of a nightmare. But, due to an alert UPS delivery guy, Jordan was forced to face the music for being a monster when his wife and children were liberated from the misery he had created for them.

Jordan began the awful experience by locking his 3-year-old son in a room without food or drink, where the youngster was compelled to stay for 15 hours. His dad then turned to look at the boy’s mother. Jordan severely assaulted the woman while holding her hostage in their own house near Robertsville, and one can only imagine what the child heard.

James Jordan not only barred his wife from leaving the house, yet he also took her phone while holding her prisoner and beating her. She was hit, slapped, and even made to strip nude before being sexually raped – all while her small son was kept in a room, probably afraid of hearing the brutality on the other side of the door.

The woman felt she had to get away from her spouse, but she didn’t have many alternatives. She attempted to run, yet Jordan apprehended her and dragged her back inside the home by her hair. Jordan aimed a pistol to his wife’s head multiple times, threatening to murder her and then himself. As her desire to flee got stronger, she devised a plan. She required one individual to be watchful while on the job for it to function. Fortunately for her, the correct UPS worker was dispatched to her residence.

When the driver arrived to pick up a delivery, the nameless woman realized it may be her last chance to send a message. So she scribbled “call 911” on the box. She casually answered the door, not intending to give away what she was up to, and delivered the package to the UPS man, claiming that all was well.

Jordan reportedly stood behind her with a revolver, preventing her from speaking. All she could do was wait, praying that the man would examine the box carefully and follow her directions. And he did it. He noticed her request and did exactly what it indicated, calling the police. A SWAT squad rushed to the call, releasing the woman and her child.

James Jordan was arrested and jailed on a $100,000 bail for domestic abuse, felonious restraint, sodomy, unauthorized use of a firearm, and harming the well-being of a child. After Jordan’s victims were rescued, the unnamed UPS guy was appropriately honored with saving their lives. He made a significant impact, stated Sergeant T.J. Wild of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.

They are glad that this UPS driver with over a decade of service acted properly when he noticed a customer in trouble and notified police after seeing her message to call 911, UPS stated in a statement, praising their driver. And that appreciation is well-deserved since this was more than just making a phone call. It was all about being conscious of what was going on around you.

Individuals routinely go about their jobs mindlessly, giving little thought to anything other than the work at hand. It’s not uncommon to see a driver touch an item without looking closely. But this individual was alert, and as a result, two others are still alive. Many of us are so wrapped up in our own lives that we may overlook an urgent communication from an individual in distress. Slow down and take in your surroundings, particularly if you work in the service business.

These kinds of stories are not uncommon. Women who are victims of domestic violence are frequently compelled to seek aid in strange places, sneaking a letter to anybody they can. Ideally, any woman who finds herself in a similar circumstance will have seen this, will recall it, and will be bold enough to utilize it to save her own life. The only issue is, if you were given such a message discreetly, would you be too preoccupied “performing your job” to notice?

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