Non-Threatening Guy Gets Upset and Displays How Non-Threatening He is by Freaking Out on Woman at Gym

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I (27 F[emale]) like to go to the gym later in the evenings so I can have the place mostly to myself since. I don’t like how claustrophobic it feels when tons of people are there at the same time. I live around the block from a chain gym and go there most nights to use the elliptical for a while.

When I got to the gym tonight, the entire row of ellipticals was empty, so I grabbed the one all the way to the end. Everything was fine during my workout all the way up to the last few minutes. A guy walked into the mostly-deserted gym and got on the elliptical right next to mine. Which I thought was weird since there was a row of about 12 other ones that were all empty. It made me a little uncomfortable, so I shortened my workout by a few minutes and hopped off to grab a disinfectant wipe. 

When I got back to wipe down the machine, the guy stopped pedaling and asked me what my problem was. I was caught off guard and just stammered something about how I was done with my workout. Which was basically true anyway, but he said something about me ‘treating him like a predator for no reason. And then put his headphones back in. What are your opinions? Did I over react?

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