Woman asks if she was wrong to keep husband’s phone while he was in the hospital.

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My (F31) husband (M36) was involved in a car accident last week. It wasn’t serious but he was kept at the hospital for some time to run some tests and do check ups on him. The only people who were there when he was admitted to the hospital were me and his mom. She and I aren’t on speaking terms but that’s another story.

The nurses gave me his personal belongings to keep while he underwent some scans and examinations. Like I said there was nothing serious and he was about to come home shortly after.

He came home and found out that I kept his phone (along with his other stuff) with me while he was at the hospital. He picked a fight with me asking why I had possession of his phone without his consent (????) And that I should’ve let his mom keep it. I told him so what? The nurses gave me his stuff as HIS WIFE to take home and keep while he was at the hospital. He verbally lashed out saying I must’ve taken this chance to snoop on his phone and disrespect his privacy even though I had no history of doing such thing, yes he claimed I did it in the past but I swear I never did.

Besides that his mom and I don’t talk to each other and it never occurred to me to let her have his stuff, which seemed a bit illogical to me. He went on about how I treated him as if he had no authority or the ability to make decisions on his behalf. I told him he should’ve spoken to the nurses and specified exactly who he wanted to “entrust” his personal stuff with. He called me cruel for thinking like that while he was “suffering” from the accident and being stuck in the “F***ing” hospital. The argument got louder and eventually I had to step out of the room after his mom arrived and said I was stressing him out and needed to give him space and use that time to “reflect” on what I did.

I’m really confused, I mean he’s always been the paranoid/private type so I’m not sure if I was ITA for taking and keeping his phone with me. I need some advice on if I’m wrong.

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