Officer Pays For The 91Yr Old Woman Groceries After Her Wallet Was Stolen.

A 91-year-old woman spent one day shopping for groceries at a Publix in Boynton Beach, Florida. And suddenly a man appeared and distracted her. A few minutes later, she realized her wallet had been taken from her purse.

Apparently, while the stranger was distracting her, a partner of his swiped her wallet. Police were called to the scene and officer Janelle Jurnelles spoke with the elderly woman. After getting all the necessary information from her, the officer knew she had to help the woman out, and asked her how much groceries she wanted to get.

The officer then spoke to the store manager and told him that she wanted to pay for the woman’s food. The store manager was also very upset that someone would do that to a customer and offered to take care of the grocery purchase.

But officer Jurnelles insisted on buying the food herself. “But it’s so expensive,” the woman told the officer, reluctant to accept the kind deed. The officer assured her that it was perfectly fine, and the woman accepted, tearing up as she hugged the officer and thanked her.

Officer Jurnelles and her partner later stopped by the woman’s home to give her a Publix gift card, since her food stamps had also been stolen. The woman again was overcome with gratitude and thanked them for their kindness.

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