Officers Shot Serving Warrant On Sex Offender, Now They’re Suing His Whole Family.

After charges of sexual abuse against a foster kid, three Florence County Sheriff’s Office officers attended the house of Frederick and Cheryl Hopkins to execute an arrest warrant for their 27-year-old son, Seth Hopkins. The 74-year-old grandfather opened fire with a high-powered gun from inside his home before they even got to the door.

Four Florence Police Department officers rushed in to assist the fallen deputies after all three policemen were shot. Frederick also shot them, and FPD Sergeant Terrence Carraway, 52, was killed in the incident. FCSO Investigator Farah “Maxine” Turner died from her wounds after 9 operations over the course of many weeks.

FPD Officer Brian Hart, who was shot in the hand, and FCSO Deputy Arie Davis, who was hit in the thigh, were among the seven policemen who were shot. Officer Travis Scott, Officer Scott Williamson, and FCSO Investigator Sarah Miller were also injured.

Cheryl and Frederick have 11 adopted and biological kids living in their house. Seth was first charged with sexual behavior with a kid under the age of 11 and sexual conduct with a minor aged 11 to 14. He was then charged with five more charges of sexual behavior with a kid under the age of 11, two counts of sexual conduct with a minor under the age of 16, and one act of voyeurism. He was sentenced to 20 years in jail after pleading guilty to one count of criminal sexual behavior in the second degree.

Frederick was arrested and charged with two counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder after the horrific ambush. But, he is not completely to blame for the tragic gunfight with the cops. Indeed, numerous policemen have chosen to file a massive case against the whole family.

Deputy Arie Davis and Officer Brian Hart have filed lawsuits against Frederick Hopkins, Seth Hopkins, Cheryl Hopkins, and David Suggs, the trustees of the Suggs Family Revocable Trust. The complaints claim that the officers’ “injuries and losses” were directly and proximately caused by those implicated.

To begin, the complaints accuse Seth Hopkins of careless, negligent, grossly negligent, intentional, wanton, reckless, and criminal activities in the areas listed below, as well as additional details that may be brought at trial:

*Sexual abuse of small children; b. requesting that Defendant Frederick Hopkins be shielded from law enforcement inquiries;
*Causing police enforcement to come at Frederick Hopkins’ home;
*Allowing Frederick Hopkins to fire on police in order to defend himself;
*Realizing there were guns in the residence and neglecting to notify police of their existence as well as Frederick Hopkins’ hazardous proclivities;
*Failed to prevent Frederick Hopkins from opening fire on police enforcement.

Similarly, Cheryl was accused of providing unrestricted access to guns to her kids and her mentally disturbed husband, as well as permitting Seth to sexually assault a kid. She and Suggs were charged with a variety of careless, negligent, excessively negligent, intentional, wanton, irresponsible, and criminal acts, including:

*When it comes to weapons in the house; b. Keeping weapons unsecured in the house;
*Failure to safeguard guns in the house;
*Keeping unsecured guns in the residence while another resident, Frederick Hopkins, suffered from mental illnesses;
*Having unsecured weaponry in the residence while another occupant, Frederick Hopkins, had violent inclinations;
*Allowing Seth Hopkins to sexually abuse underage kids;
*In failing to stop Frederick Hopkins from shooting and killing law enforcement personnel, including the Plaintiff;
*Realizing there were guns in the residence and neglecting to notify law enforcement authorities of their existence, as well as Frederick Hopkins’ hazardous proclivity.

Both parents are accused of attempting to shield their son from the repercussions of the law while also turning a blind eye to his sexual abuse of at least one of their other kids. The lives of several youngsters and police officers have been irreparably altered as a result of those involved.

The cases raise the prospect of police personnel being given the authority to assign culpability to persons implicated in crimes even if they did not directly cause the crimes. It may cause individuals to rethink protecting criminals.

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