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Man ignores trolls calling his girlfriend a ‘monster’ and ‘zombie’ – marries her and embraces her three kids as his own.

For those of us who don’t match the stereotyped “ideal” model, the world may seem harsh, with total strangers feeling compelled to attack somebody based on their social media appearance.

Karine de Souza understands this better than anyone else. Because of her uncommon skin condition, the Brazilian has spent her entire life covering her skin with SPF100 sunscreens, even while she is at home.

The 33-year-old was diagnosed with Xeroderma Pigmentosum at the age of three, which puts her at high risk of skin cancer.

Her incurable “one-in-a-million” illness makes her very vulnerable to UV radiation since she lacks the capacity to heal any damage caused by the sun to her skin.

Only a few minutes in the sun may result in excruciating sunburn for her. She was often separated from the outside world as a child since it was too risky for her to spend too much time outside her residence.

She explained that when she exposes herself to the light, nothing happens right away; she does not feel anything. But lesions will form in the future and will need to be removed due to malignancy.

Karine has undergone 130 surgical operations to treat sun-caused lesions, including the loss of her bottom lip and a portion of her nose.

However, she is facing more than just a physical war. Karine is often glanced at on the street and has received verbal abuse both in her town and online.

Despite her ordeal, she stays positive and joyful, and she has even found love.

Edmilson, Karine’s husband, met her on social media and fell in love with her story and her courage. Edmilson has always been at Karine’s side and understood that he wished to spend the rest of his life with her.

He also chose to accept Karine’s 3 kids from her former relationship, which meant a lot to her.

He came, she adds, and he taught her that she could live a genuine love tale.

But after publishing images of them together online, Karine was subjected to a slew of negative remarks.

Karine said that they have already seen several unpleasant comments calling her a monster, disfigured, and a zombie.

Some remarks implied that their connection was phoney, that Karine was a “sugar mommy,” and that she must be very wealthy.

Posted by Daniel Panisson Fotografias on Sunday, 7 October 2018

Since he’s a young guy and attractive, it drew people’s attention, and they couldn’t believe he was with her because he genuinely loved her, Karine said.

A photographer who photographed the pair after they got engaged uploaded a selection of the photos online with the caption: “In a world where appearance matters more than the feeling, they met not by chance, but by a gathering of souls, an encounter of acceptance and character and love emerged when their souls met and today you are the inspiration to so many people who do not believe in themselves, in life and especially in love.

“THANK YOU every day for being who you are. STOP complaining for being like you are. HUG LIFE, and accept yourself. Much gratitude for teaching me so much. You guys are AMAZING. You are the missing hope in so many people. Thank you for the big hug, and for the wonderful day we experienced together. I carry your smile with me forever.”

His kind remarks and gorgeous photographs of Karine and Edmilson went viral, and hundreds of people congratulated the pair.

Karine wants people to understand the value of being optimistic. She esaid that be joyful, smile, because life only comes once.

Karine and Edmlson welcomed a newborn daughter into the world in 2023 and couldn’t be happier! Karine and her husband had been trying for a child since 2020, and their daughter, Zaia, had been a long time coming.

Karine has gone through a lot, but she has found the joy she deserves owing to her optimistic approach.

Her story is inspiring, so please share it with your friends and family to help us encourage others in similar circumstances.

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