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Did Faith Hill get plastic surgery? See then-and-now photos of the country queen.

Faith Hill is still as lovely as she was when she was topping the charts with singles like “Wild One (1994), “It Matters to Me” (1995), “This Kiss” (1998), and “It’s Your Love” (2000), which she co-wrote with Tim McGraw, whom she married in 1996.

In 2021, the on-screen pair Margaret Dutton and James Dillard Dutton appeared opposite iconic actor Sam Elliot in the miniseries 1883, a prequel to the blockbuster TV series Yellowstone.

Off-screen, McGraw is outnumbered by women at home. The cute country music superstars have three children, Grace (25), Maggie (24) and Audrey (21).

She honestly doesn’t pay attention to it, Hill said in an interview just short of her 50th birthday. If she did, her daughters would notice, which she does not want. It’s not the message she wishes them to take away. The key is to be confident in one’s age and in oneself. Life is really valuable. What’s the sense in worrying about something they only have one of?

Each decade has been different, she noted. Every day is a gift. That’s how she wishes to see it.

She enjoys the complete attention of her attractive and adoring cowboy husband, who Hill jokes has amazing skin.

McGraw, who is also 55, adores his wife’s natural, barefaced beauty.

McGraw, who often praises Hill and her abilities, shared a video of It’s Your Love on Valentine’s Day, the first song and music video he made with his wife in what he calls “beauty and the beast films.”

In a split-screen video, McGraw delivers heartfelt comments on that wonderful moment: Wow! How beautiful is his wife on this video?’ he exclaims, fawning over the exquisite Hill. He’s always nervous filming with Faith because she’s just so gorgeous—the camera just adores her.”

Hill, who is at the pinnacle of music stardom, is a continuous target for trolls and their uncensored comments.

Hill and McGraw made the cover of People in 2021, celebrating and commemorating their 25-year marriage—both the ups and downs.

Hill’s wavy blonde hair was cascading to her shoulders, her beautiful face was glowing with natural-colored cosmetics, and McGraw was cuddling her from behind in his character-defining cowboy hat.

Fans reacted differently to the picture, with some admiring Hill’s natural curly hair and others condemning her, implying she underwent cosmetic surgery.

Hill has never commented on the rumours that she underwent cosmetic surgery.

As the cliche goes, beauty is just skin deep, and Hill raises her daughters with an emphasis on inner beauty.

Social media may be brutal, but they’ve always stressed to their daughters the necessity of having a realistic and healthy perspective on beauty. They realize it’s not just on the surface. She stated in an interview that teaching kids that beauty is on the inside is really important to them. People can sense one’s heart by one’s expressions and the way one conducts themselves—they can feel one’s joy.

Hill and McGraw set a good example for their girls by openly expressing their love and happiness.

McGraw celebrated Hill’s birthday in September 2022 with a wonderful picture montage. “Happy birthday!!!!!” says the caption. My best friend My soulmate. The love of my life I can’t believe that I get to spend my days and nights with you for the rest of my life! You are such a remarkable person and our 3 daughters could not have a better role model in their lives……We love you baby!”

Such a lovely pair! Tell us what you think of Faith Hill and her approach to beauty. Do you believe she has had plastic surgery?

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