One-year-old boy sucks on a $1,200 solid gold pacifier and owns Versace jewellery

The most pampered kid in Britain bathes in milk and honey, feeds on a £1,000 solid gold dummy, and wears luxury clothing.

Kasey Akram, 32, of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, admits that she enjoys spoiling her one-year-old son Jareem. The self-described full-time mom on benefits has spent thousands of dollars on her kid and claims she can’t stop.

A £750 Versace chain, a £925 diamond studded bracelet, and a £1,000 solid gold dummy are among Jareem’s most expensive items.

Kasey, from Sheffield, South Yorks, said that as soon as she had her little boy, her passion shifted from how she appeared to concentrating on her baby.

He’s the cutest little child in the world, and she’s had arguments with pals over how much she’s spent on him.

She get her outfits from Vinted so that she can get him what he desires.

She’ll be dressed in charity store clothing while he’ll be dressed in a £50 t-shirt, and if she had the option, she’d go around nude so he could wear anything he wants.

He gets anything he wants, and if she can’t afford it, she calls his father and gets the money. She is not working right now and is surviving on benefits and the assistance of her ex-partner.

Kasey, a former dancer and model, says she used to feel she had no desire to have a kid. However, after becoming pregnant with Jareem in 2020, she fell in love with the child and knew she wanted to raise him with the best.

Kasey now gets up at 6 a.m. every day to cook Jareem any hot breakfast he wants, which she then takes to him to eat in bed.

She then gives him a bath twice a week with milk and honey, followed by baby oil and a baby massage while he watches Peppa Pig on the TV in his bedroom, which she moved from the living room.

His pampering doesn’t stop there; she also brings him to the barbershop once every two weeks and insists on having his hair trimmed by the manager.

He also accompanies her to the manicure salon, where he has a small pedicure from the employees.

She brings him to a jeweller and claims that because she is allergic to any metal other than pure gold, he is definitely as well – though she has never tested.

And she’s so focused on Jareem that when her and her bed broke, rather than rebuilding it, she spent £300 on a tractor bed for her son and she slept with her mattress on the floor.

She also opposes letting him drink tap water because she is frightened that the dose of oestrogen would lead him to develop breasts.

Kasey said he still wakes up five times a night, and supposedly she is too gentle with him, but if one had a child in the middle of a pandemic, one would be the same.

He’s never drunk tap water in his life, and she fired her nanny for giving him tap water.

He’s never seen a slice of white bread in his life, and he eats what she eats – he enjoys olives, grilled peppers, and everyone thinks he has such a sophisticated palate.

Every morning, he has breakfast in bed.

She usually asks him if he’ll find a girlfriend when he’s older, and if she doesn’t like her, if he’ll toss her out, and he says yeah – when he eventually gets married, his wife will despise her.

His father usually says that when he gets 18, he’ll have a girlfriend and move out, but she tells him that when he’s too old to share a bed with her, they’ll have bunk beds.

What Jareem desires Jareem gets – her last pair of shoes were ninety penny Primark flip-flops, and she got him Gucci sneakers on the same day.

‘He likes flashy footwear, but she’d never allow him walk around in cheap tacky terrible trainers. If she is wearing Vans, he’ll be wearing Vans.’

‘She spent £1,000 on a solid gold dummy, which he threw in the middle of town and lost; she sobbed for three days.’

She had his palm read four times in the previous year, each time costing £50, since he couldn’t talk and she needed to know what he was into and what his favourite colour was.

If she chooses to spend the money on her kid, that’s her option; she doesn’t mind wearing Primark shoes as long as her prince gets the finest.

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