Paul Walker Began Dating His Last Girlfriend When He Was 33 And She Was Only 16 Years Old

When Paul Walker died in a vehicle accident in 2013, fans were stunned. Paul is still a fan favourite from the Fast and Furious film trilogy, and he’s widely regarded as a good guy both within and outside of Hollywood.

For admirers and followers, this complicates his relationship with the past even more. Paul was in a relationship with 23-year-old Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell when he died, and the two had started dating when he was 33 and she was just 16.

One especially troubling detail is that Jasmine was only 16 when Paul and Jasmine started their connection, although the age of consent in California is 18 years old, implying that Jasmine was a minor at the time.

Paul’s involvement with Jasmine was not his first. Before Jasmine, Paul was in a relationship with Aubrianna Atwell, who was also 16 when she met the actor.  For “many years,” the two apparently enjoyed an on-again, off-again relationship.

There is no proof that Paul and Jasmine had a sexual connection when she was a juvenile, but sharing a romantic relationship with a minor as an adult is still troublesome.

What was evident was that Jasmine suffered for a while after Paul died. Casey Gosnell, her father, told in 2014, that he had her in grieving therapy. One must realize that she is still deeply hurt by Paul’s death and will be for the longest time possible.

Jasmine disappeared from public view in 2018 after purportedly being engaged to singer Travis Turpin, although there has been no public acknowledgment that they wedded.

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