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Online Critics Call Whoopi Goldberg ‘Old’ At 67 — She Flaunts Her Gray Hair And Laughs Off Her ‘Swollen Feet’

Whoopi Goldberg’s duties as a mom, grandmother, and even great-grandmother are crucial in her life. Her Hollywood profession has earned her much fortune, yet her family is her ultimate achievement.

Goldberg, at 67, makes no attempt to hide her age, nor does she seem upset by the fact that it is often brought up. Even though some individuals have expressed concerns about her age and looks, she has continued to promote pleasure and happiness.

Goldberg has faced criticism before. At the start of her career, she encountered considerable criticism from those who assessed her based on her looks, notably her hair.

She stated that previous producers would pluck at her hair and rudely enquire about what they might do with it. Because she was irritated, she would grasp one of their hands and demand to know why they were playing with her hair.

Goldberg rapidly understood that her actions had disturbed others, giving her distress, despite the fact that she had just guarded herself from being condemned.

She was fortunate to have somebody to help her navigate challenging circumstances. She stated that she idolized and took counsel from the late actor Sidney Poitier, who was one of the few African Americans to achieve success in Hollywood during the 1960s.

Goldberg is a loving mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, as well as having a long and prosperous career in the entertainment world.

She’d been married three times before. She married her first husband, Alvin Martin, in 1973, and they had a daughter together. Despite lasting six years, this was Goldberg’s longest marriage.

Following their divorce, she married David Claessen in 1986. This marriage, though, did not survive long. She later married Lyle Trachtenberg from 1994 to 1995, however the marriage was likewise short-lived.

Goldberg said that, despite being married to several men, she never truly loved any of them and only married them since she felt it would provide her a far more normal existence.

Goldberg admitted that she is more dedicated to her family. She feels that being in love with your spouse and making a strong commitment to your relationship are essential for a good marriage, yet she understood this too late with her previous husbands.

However, she has discovered that a successful marriage necessitates a genuine devotion to one’s partner as well as a desire to work through challenges together.

Despite the fact that her marriage did not work out, the prominent actress remains a strong and independent woman who has had a huge effect on the globe.

In the face of adversity, Goldberg enjoys the beauty of growing older. She wears her 67 years as a badge of honor, unwilling to be brought down by internet criticism.

Goldberg embraces the passage of time with grace, but she isn’t afraid to share her humor and insight on the benefits and drawbacks of growing older. She made fun of herself in a YouTube video for being a “Lil’ old lady.”

One of the obvious symptoms that she is getting older, she said, is that she has “swollen feet.” Despite her advanced age, she manages to care for her dogs and cats at home, as well as her great-grandchildren.

On an episode of “The View,” the veteran actress also discussed her graying hair. She revealed to her co-hosts that her hair is no longer entirely black, but has a few gray strands mixed in.

Rather than hiding her gray hairs, she loves them and is content to let them grow. According to her, her graying hair was not evident since she frequently pushed her hair up.

Goldberg’s dress sense has evolved throughout time, allowing her to age gracefully without being criticized by the public, something that many other stars in Hollywood do not have.

“Two Old Broads,” a comical perspective on the process of aging, was just issued by Goldberg and her co-author M.E. Hecht as a self-help book. The book urges readers to accept their age, be unapologetic, and remain self-assured.

As per Goldberg, the book also promotes the concept that, despite cultural stigmas, older people can and should have a full and active sex life.

She stated that the book’s message is also for everyone who is weary of being told what they should be and urges readers to have fun and appreciate all areas of life.

Goldberg is comfortable with her age and where she is in life. Nevertheless, not all, especially social media users, support her optimistic view.

Other users’ comments on an Instagram video she released in June 2022 about an event in New York called the Italy Run showed this. A netizen commented on how “aged” she appeared.

Goldberg appeared in the video wearing a white button-down shirt and holding her phone in front of a tree. Sadly, many netizens were critical of the actress’s looks.

One Instagram user said sarcastically that she should give up her job. Another user then mirrored the statement, calling Goldberg a “dumb witch.”

Some Instagram users also questioned another of Goldberg’s images. Goldberg was photographed showing off her white hair while posing in a long dress in this December 2020 shot.

She held a wooden stick in her right hand as she stood in front of the dried-up trees. Another disgruntled user posted an unpleasant comment.

Despite getting bad feedback, Goldberg looked unconcerned. While she has not replied to critics, several admirers have complimented the Hollywood A-lister for simply being herself.

In the caption, she merely noted that the shot was taken for the television show “The Stand,” in which she was a cast member. She congratulated the staff for her stunning haircut.

Despite adversity in her personal and professional life, Goldberg has stayed a positive and prominent force in the entertainment business and beyond.

The celebrated performer is a brilliant example of tenacity, persistence, and the ability to rediscover pleasure and humor in the face of tragedy.

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