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TV Judge Lynn Toler Is ‘In A Million Pieces’ After Husband Of 33 Yrs Died 2 Days Before Christmas.

Judge Lynn Toler, the face of the show “Divorce Court” from 2006 to 2020, is experiencing one of her most difficult life challenges ever. Her family experienced a tragedy during the holiday season, leaving her distraught.

Toler and her husband, Eric Mumford, were blissfully married until two days before Christmas, when Toler received news that broke her heart and changed her life in unexpected ways.

Me: do you mind if I snap a picture with you in the background? BigE: you can come sit on my lap and take one. One…

Posted by Judge Lynn Toler on Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Toler became a household figure while appearing on “Divorce Court” for 14 years, and people understood she and her husband had a unique connection that lasted decades. That relationship, however, came to an end on December 23, 2022, when she discovered that her spouse had died.

Toler and her family were devastated by the news, but she opted to keep it hidden until the new year. Mumford’s death was only announced to the press on January 4, 2023. Toler referred to her spouse as “The Big E.”

The couple first met in 1986 and married in 1989. Mumford had 4 kids from her previous marriage and had two more with Toler. Their marriage lasted for more than three decades.

Toler kept her husband’s death a secret for over 10 days after he died. She turned to Facebook on New Year’s Eve to share an inspiring message with the world, and she grinned the entire time.

Love survives loss. Beats the crap out of you in the moment, but good #love is worth great pain. I wish you well. I hope you have a love the echoes forever in your heart and #family (thought they tend to work your nerves) that surrounds and grounds you. Give them all the #grace that YOU need from them. I know when I am being raggedy. I need bushels of forgiveness and I am not afraid to apologize. Some suggest my name is really Lynn 'Oops, my bad' Toler. The other day, Son6 of 6 said, "You don't have to apologize. We get it." My response? 'I'm sorry.' No irony intended just a heavy habit. We both howled. Love hard Anger slowly Be well. Oh, and tell 2023 to act right.

Posted by Judge Lynn Toler on Saturday, 31 December 2022

Although the video was uplifting, she did imply something terrible occurring to her during the holiday season, which she did not divulge at the time. Later, she came to Facebook to announce the death of her spouse.

She shared a snapshot of the couple when they were younger, giggling. Toler accompanied the photo with a simple caption that she will always love him.

I will always love you. ALWAYS BigE Sunset 12/23/2022

Posted by Judge Lynn Toler on Wednesday, 4 January 2023

She then announced the date of his death. Fans rushed to her aid, sending condolences and expressing their love and prayers for her and her family, as well as Mumford’s kids.

One fan was astounded that, despite her challenging circumstances, she released an uplifting video for all of her admirers to view and head into the new year with a positive attitude.

Toler also shared an Instagram selfie of herself with Mumford. She described him as a handsome man and placed the image to music. She also admitted that she is shattered into a million pieces.

Toler, who has appeared on “Divorce Court” and is now the host of “Marriage Boot Camp,” confesses that her marriage was not always flawless. She admitted that she and Mumford had their share of marital problems.

She once said that their relationship was one-sided, which caused difficulties for the couple. She overcame this problem, though, by becoming more deliberate in her communication with her spouse.

Toler said that as she improved her communication skills, her husband improved as well, and they were able to resolve their conflicts in a way that benefited both of them. She said that she had to let go of a lot of anger.

She then stated that, despite their great communication, she was aware that they might not be able to remain together forever. She was glad for their relationship, though, and stated that their marriage is better now since they are more conscious. They no longer act on impulse without considering the long-term ramifications. They have taken the intentional decision to be married.

Many admirers have now commented on Toler’s postings, expressing their sympathies. Others expressed their thankfulness that Toler continued to publish pleasant things despite her grief.

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