Oregon suspect accused of torturing women is using dating apps to lure victims, evade capture: police.

Police in Oregon warned the public this week that a man suspected of torturing women is using dating apps to find victims and avoid being caught.

Detectives and fugitive teams from the Grants Pass Police Department are still looking for Benjamin Obadiah Foster, who is 36 years old.

The agency executed a search warrant at a Wolf Creek, Oregon house on Thursday to arrest Foster for attempted murder.

Foster was charged with attempted murder, abduction, and abuse after “deliberately torturing” and holding a Grants Pass victim “in a place where she was not likely to be found,” according to a court filing from the Josephine County District Attorney Joshua Eastman.

Foster imprisoned his ex-girlfriend in her Las Vegas condo for two weeks before traveling to Oregon.

According to a Las Vegas police complaint, the girlfriend was strangled, compelled to take lye, and shackled at the wrists and ankles.

On the day the Las Vegas girlfriend fled, SWAT arrested Foster for five crimes, involving assault and battery. In August 2021, Clark County prosecutors authorized him to plead guilty to one felony count of battery and a misdemeanor count of domestic violence battery.

He served less than 200 days of his two-and-a-half-year sentence due to his 729 days in jail awaiting trial.

On Tuesday, Grant Pass police discovered a tied and brutally battered woman. She was critically ill and hospitalized.

Police stated Foster was the culprit and escaped before they arrived.

On Thursday, police arrested Wolf Creek resident Tina Marie Jones, 68, for impeding prosecution.

Foster’s 2008 Nissan Sentra was among the evidence found.

Police said the culprit is using online dating apps to entice unwary people who may help him elude cops or become his next victims.

The Grants Pass Police Department said that anyone who helped Ben Foster get away could be charged with a crime.

On Sunday, the department said Foster may shave or dye his beard and hair. Foster’s extremely impossible face shape and eyes were highlighted.

The department’s tip-line is 541-237-5607. The agency will pay $2,500 for Foster’s arrest and prosecution.

Manhunt underway for Oregon torture suspect | NewsNation Prime

Authorities released a photo of Oregon torture suspect Benjamin Foster as part of an intensive, round-the-clock search. Police warn that Foster is using dating apps to find new victims as well as people to help him evade the police. Foster is accused of holding captive and torturing at least two women in Oregon and Nevada.

Posted by NewsNation on Saturday, 28 January 2023

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