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16-yr-old Suri Cruise is the perfect blend of dad Tom Cruise & mom Katie Holmes.

Kids grow quickly! Even Suri Cruise. The 16-year-old mirrors her famous parents!

Suri Cruise was born to incredibly famous parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Her parents married in 2006 after meeting in 2005. Suri was born months before her parents officially married.

Tom and Katie were married for six years and regularly took their daughter out and protected her from paparazzi.

Suri’s celebrity parents sometimes concealed her face from the paparazzi and flashes. Suri’s lack of visible social media presence hasn’t altered over time.

The adolescent is currently being photographed in New York. The 16-year-old looks much like her famous parents in her new photos from earlier this month.

Suri Cruise resembles both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The youngster seems to have inherited both parents’ good looks.

Even though Suri Cruise and her dad, Tom Cruise, have a lot in common, their relationship seems to be rough.

2012 was their final public appearance. Katie Holmes is reportedly concerned that Tom does not spend more time with his kid.

Tom’s unwillingness to meet his daughter and establish contact with her has been exposed as a Scientology-related myth. Parents may visit their kids in Scientology. Tom may meet Suri privately.

Suri Cruise looks like both her mom and dad, regardless of their relationship.

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