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People Slam Bride For ‘Ugly’ Wedding Dress — She Responds & Critics Delete All Their Comments.

Camille Lescai wanted her wedding to stand out. She asked her guests and bridal party to wear white for her November 2022 wedding, but she kept her gown a mystery.

When Lescai walked down the aisle, everyone understood her desire. She wore a $4,400 masterpiece that fit her personality. Many netizens disapproved of the joyful bride’s choice.

Lescai posted a TikTok video of her wedding dress reveal a few days after her wonderful Sydney, Australia wedding.

300 friends and relatives followed the bride. She was surprised that her post had gone viral.

Lescai’s blush pink outfit attracted unwanted attention. The bride and her fantasy dress were mocked online with tons of views and remarks.

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Lescai viewed the many remarks with astonishment. Her rose-colored gown was labelled “awful,” “outdated,” and “trashy” online. She was informed that the groom would not have married.

Others stated her clothing was a “huge no” and likened it to toilet paper. Lescai loved her clothing and didn’t want others’ judgments to change her.

Fortunately, the bride, who battled with self-confidence during her teen years, is in her thirties now. She feared the hostility might hinder other brides who desired a distinctive garment.

The bride confronted the bullying because she realized it would harm others who had selected unorthodox outfits or intended to do so.

Lescai responded to the nasty remarks by posting many videos.

@camillelescai Replying to @Sandra Scott hello everyone who called my wedding dress a toilet roll/hideous/ugly. I’ve decided to show off my amazing bridesmaids dresses 🙂 @Liv 🙂 @Annie @pruelescai wearing @forloveandlemons and @elliatt_collective #weddingtiktok #weddingtok #response #responsevideo #pinkweddingdress #pinkweddinggown #bridesmaiddresses #bridesmaids #bridalreveal #bridaldresses #bridalinspiration #firstlookwedding ♬ original sound – Camille Lescai

She started by replying to harsh remarks from anonymous accounts. Since they were anonymous, she exposed them. Lescai said: “People might think that I should expect negative comments after posting anything online, but the flip argument [is] if you make nasty comments online, you should expect to be held to account. This was my way of taking the power back.”

Lescai was appreciative of the many good responses and believed her tale would inspire others.

The daring bride was praised online. Her films motivated them, and they were grateful she schooled the bullies. Users welcomed Lescai’s conduct.

@camillelescai That’s mrs jiggly puff to you. #weddingtiktok #weddingtok #responsevideo #readingmeancomments #readingmeantweets #pinkweddingdress #pinkweddinggown #bridalreveal #bridalfirstlook #bridalpartyfirstlook #pinkweddinginspo #pinkwedding ♬ original sound – Camille Lescai

After Lescai’s reaction, several of her detractors deleted their remarks. Perhaps, more individuals will reconsider internet shaming. Congratulations, lovely bride. Your style inspires me!

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