Woman Flipped Off Dead Soldiers, Then Life Decided To Smack Her Hard.

Lindsey Stone’s coworker took the photo during their trip to Washington, DC, and both women were fired soon after. The non-profit where they worked was inundated with angry emails. Stone couldn’t leave her house for a year because she was afraid of being killed or raped, and some people wanted her to be locked up.

At a military cemetery, the picture was taken next to a sign that said “Silence and Respect.” It became a magnet for angry comments about the disrespect shown to fallen service members. A veteran of the Iraq War with post-traumatic stress disorder started the Facebook page “Fire Lindsey Stone” to demand that Stone be fired. It was later removed after it served its purpose.

Lindsey Stone asserts that she now realizes the picture was in incredibly poor taste. They sincerely apologize for all the pain they have caused by publishing the picture, she said in a statement. They never intended to offend anyone across the country who has served this country and fought so bravely for their freedom. The apology, nevertheless, may be too little, too late.

Stone’s dad called his daughter’s behavior “shameful,” said taking the photo was a “total lapse of judgment,” and insisted that she apologise. It was just a spur of the moment, a total lapse of judgment, as retired ironworker Peter Stone, 61, explained. She was reacting to the sign, not the place, and she apologizes to everyone.

Lindsey Stone was eventually able to land a job working with autistic children after being turned down by potential employers for nearly a year. Even now, she is terrified that her new employers will fire her because of her previous transgression.

It has also had an impact on her love life, as Lindsey Stone refuses to date for fear of what others will think of her.

So, maybe she’ll think twice the next time she chooses to flip off a tomb, indicating all the unnamed soldiers who died to safeguard her sorry butt. Even though we all make mistakes, what world does she live in where it’s acceptable to act like a thug on the sacred grounds highly regarded by several?

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