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VIDEO: Police Officer Gets Punched By Suspect, His K9 Partner Becomes A Fur Missile.

K9 Lee of the City of Newburgh Police Department has gone viral after assisting his partner, Officer Roman Scuadroni, in apprehending and detaining a person armed with a knife. Officer Scuadroni was on his way to a report of trespassing when he saw Tony Mann, age 31, walking up and down a driveway. The Newburgh Police Department says that before Officer Scuadroni got there, Mann went into the driveway and threatened the person inside with a knife.

Randy Martinez was leaving his home on the 300-block of Washington Street in Newburgh, New York, with a friend when he noticed a strange man dancing around, making indecent hand gestures, and appearing to be high.

Martinez, who was in the passenger seat, rapidly rolled up his window and told his friend to drive away after the man, later known as Tony Mann, threatened Martinez and his buddy with a folding knife. As Mann got closer to the back of Martinez’s house, his first thought was to protect his mother, her friend, and his aunt, who were all cooking near the back door. Martinez admitted that he was terrified. As a result, he quickly asked his buddy to return home while calling the city police.

When Officer Scuadoni came to the accused after getting the call, Martinez used his cell phone to record the meeting. Mann seemed to to be high on drugs as he stood in the driveway in front of the police SUV, waving his arms and assuming a defensive posture. Then, when Scuadroni tried to talk to him, he punched him in the face without any reason. The entire incident was captured on video.

Officer Roman Scuadroni had not arrived at the scene alone, which was unfortunate for Tony Mann. Instead of returning the punch, he introduced Mann to his replacement. Scuadroni took a step back and opened the door, releasing his K9 partner Lee, who didn’t seem pleased that his human handler had been punched in the face.

K9 Lee quickly grabbed Mann’s arm in his mouth and assisted Officer Scuadroni in taking the accused to the ground after he was released from the SUV. Scuadroni, Mann, and Lee engaged in a fight as the K9 tried to hold the suspect’s left arm while Mann resisted.

Within minutes, more police showed up to help with the arrest. The suspect was then taken under control and put in handcuffs. Officer Scuadroni was only then freed from the accused’s arm. Mann was taken to the emergency room at St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital to be treated for intoxication and a minor dog bite from K9 Lee.

This video has gone viral and we feel it's very important to show our followers: (Editor note: We've muted the audio of the video due obscene language used by the individual recording) (Information posted from Newburgh Police K9 Lee helped his partner, Officer Roman Scuadroni, apprehend and detain a man armed with a knife. Newburgh, NY – A Newburgh police K9 on Sunday assisted in the apprehension of a suspect who had just punched his human handler in the face (video below). The incident occurred on Nov. 24 after 31-year-old Tony Mann entered a driveway in the 300-block of Washington Street and threatened the occupant with a knife, according to a statement from the Newburgh Police Department. Newburgh Police Officer Roman Scuadroni responded to the report of unwanted trespassing and found Mann still pacing in the driveway. A cell phone video of the incident filmed by one of the people who called police from that address showed Mann standing in the driveway in front of the police SUV waving his arms and taking up a fighting stance. Officer Scuadroni approached the suspect and attempted to talk to him, but observed that Mann appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic, according to the press release. The cell phone video showed that seconds after the officer approached the suspect, Mann punched him in the face, totally unprovoked. But the officer didn’t return the punch and instead, calmly took a step back and released his partner, K9 Lee, from the back of his vehicle. K9 Lee grabbed Mann’s arm in his mouth and assisted Officer Scuadroni in taking the suspect to the ground, the video showed. The officer’s backup arrived less than 30 seconds later and the additional officers helped to get the resisting suspect under control and into handcuffs. Only then did Officer Scuadroni disengage his partner from the suspect’s arm. Police said Mann was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital because he was under the influence of a narcotic and for treatment of minor injuries suffered from the dog bites. Officer Scuadroni suffered minor injuries to his mouth and both thumbs, including cuts, the press release said. Police recovered the folding knife at the scene that Mann had used to threaten the 911 caller. He was arrested and charged with trespass, third-degree assault, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, and second-degree menacing, according to the police department. #furmissles #k9 #aninvaluabletool #goodboy #backuphasarrived #sauguspoliceofficerspatrolunion #spdpatrolunion #townofsaugus

Posted by Saugus Police Patrol Officer's Union on Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Mann’s folding knife, which he used to threaten Martinez, was found in the driveway by officers. Mann was found guilty of trespassing, third-degree assault, resisting arrest, obstructing government business, and second-degree menacing. Officer Roman Scuadroni claims that thanks to his brave K9 partner Lee, he only suffered minor cuts and injuries to his mouth and thumbs. Congratulations to this K9 on an excellent job.

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