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Pamela Anderson is now 55 yrs old & choosing to reveal her ‘natural’ face.

Pamela Anderson was one of the world’s most popular ladies in the 1990s. When she left her house, crowds of photographers followed her, and admirers recognized her everywhere.

But now that she’s 55, the former model and Baywatch star wishes the world knew her for more than her looks. She wants to inform everybody that she is also a writer, activist, and dancer.

The former Playboy Bunny said she never considered herself to be a great beauty. She never felt like a great beauty, she says in her new Netflix documentary. She just felt like she was having a good time.

As a former model, you’d think she’d be preoccupied with keeping her attractiveness and youthful appearance. But the ‘Baywatch’ star says she doesn’t want to do that. She has decided against cosmetic operations and wants everyone to know that she is genuinely looking forward to seeing what she looks like as she matures.

For this reason, she does not want to have cosmetic operations since she is interested in seeing what she will look like when she is “old.”

Pamela said in an interview that she can’t wait to get old. She always said that when she glanced in the mirror, she would recognize herself. She does not want to apply makeup because she wants her hair to look naturally gray. That’s her comfort zone.

She knows several of her colleagues who have had cosmetic surgery to remove wrinkles or other symptoms of aging. Many women who were classic beauty icons are struggling with aging, she explains. She does not believe it is tough for her, and she refuses to fall for it. She does not desire to do all of these insane things to herself, she said.

While she did surrender and go for a breast augmentation treatment in her teens, she has since had her implants removed. She regretted having the procedure.

She is now determined to forgo surgery in order to ‘not recognize herself’ as she ages.

The former model and actress bares her soul in her new Netflix documentary titled ‘Pamela, a Love Story,’ proving to the public that she has always been much more than a gorgeous face. And at this age, she has shed all pretense and wants to be appreciated for who she is.

Pamela Anderson looks stunning even without makeup or cosmetic surgery at her age!

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