Parents Charged In Baby’s Beating Visit Her Before She’s Taken Off Life Support.

The parents of a cerebrum dead Georgia baby were given the opportunity to say their last goodbyes to the child they allegedly brutalised. 

Authorities say the Georgia parents accused of viciously assaulting their young daughter were granted one more visit before she was taken off life support. 

Dinah Paige Whited, seven weeks old, was found with shattered collar bones, ribs, and a brain haemorrhage, according to investigators. 90 days after her supposed beating, was taken off life support. The baby’s parents were given 30 minutes to say their last goodbyes. Following Dinah’s death, both Whiteds were accused of murder, according to a Monroe Police. Justin Whited, her father, has been accused of aggravated violence and cruelty to kids. Prosecutors accused the girl’s mother, Jamie Cason Whited, with child abuse for failing to safeguard her kid. 

The parents have argued not blameworthy. 

The choice to withdraw Dinah’s life support was not made lightly. Last week, Justin Whited protested the move in court. 

However, a video of the infant who was completely lifeless during the hearing apparently moved the father to tears, and he eventually consented to the removal of life support. 

According to a GoFundMe page put up to help with Dinah’s funeral expenses, physicians attempted and failed to convince Mr. Whited to remove Dinah from life support in multiple phone calls leading up to the decision. 

Walton County Juvenile Court Judge David Dickinson granted the couple permission to see the girl and stay with her until she died in his ruling. He stated that he made the decision because both parents decided to end life support and neither had been convicted of causing her harm. 

Jamie and Justin Whited are being detained at the Walton County Jail without bond. 

May the little angel rest in peace. 

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