Single Mother Request Family Not To Report Her Son For Stealing $14k From Grandma’s Savings.

Correcting your loved one for their wrong doing is important and it does not mean you love them less. Instead you love them more for wanting them to be a better person. Read this story and let us know what you think about this whole situation.

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My mom has late stage Alzheimer’s and has been unable to manage her money and needs around the clock care. It probably would be safer to put her in a nursing home but she made us promise to only do that as a last resort. Thankfully she had a lot of investments and savings from my dad before he passed so we can get her a hired personal carer in her own home. My sister is the one who lives the closest and visits her often so she handles mom’s finances. We give my sister $200/month each for her to run errands and help look after mom since we both live out of state.

My other sister called me to tell me there’s been a lot of cash withdrawals recently on my mom’s card. I check and there’s nearly a year’s worth of $3-400s withdrawn. We call my sister who is handling finances and she is confused and says she never takes out any cash, she only pays bills with the bank card and uses cc for the groceries etc. She freezes the bank card and I take a red eye over. Long story short we asked the bank where the atm withdrawal happened. My sister looks shocked when she Googles the location and realizes it’s close to her son’s school.

We waited until the son got home and asked him where he worked and he said a local restaurant. We said we would like to go with him to the restaurant to confirm he works there and he got really panicked and said the management just changed so they wouldn’t know him. I ask for his paycheck and finally he gives up and admits he doesn’t have a job. My sister asked him where the money for the new stuff he bought home comes from and he admits he steals the bank card to make cash withdrawals. I asked him where he got the pin and my sister confessed she writes her pins on sticky notes so she doesn’t forget them 🤦‍♂️.

I take the bank statements and calculate out that he owns $14,308. I told him he has to pay it back now or I’m filing a police report on him for theft and my sister begs me not to say if he has anything on his record he might not get into college. I told her I won’t if she pays it but she said she’s struggling and doesn’t have the money(she’s a single mother). I told her that isn’t good enough and she complains her son is only 16 and doesn’t know any better. I told her they won’t put a 16 year old in jail but he might do it again when he’s older so it’s better to learn his lesson now. She said we can just take that out of what her son’s inheritance would be from our mom and I yelled at her that if our mom was in a state to judge she would write him out of her will for this.

I call up my lawyer and ask what I should do and he suggests filing a police report but not including my nephew’s name just yet. I did just that and my sister is screaming at me that I’m ruining her son’s life by involving the police and he’s only a kid. I’m not happy about it but at 16 if he’s stealing from his own grandma who looked after him when his mom was sick I can’t imagine what he’s going to do when he’s older.

What would you do in his situation? Any advice. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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