Parents Outraged When Man Installs Electric Fence To Keep Kids Off From His Lawn.

At the start of the school year, people in Henrico County, Virginia made a rare finding in their locality.

One of the residents, Bryan Tucker put in a fence around his property to keep students away from invading. However once the neighbours noticed that the panel out there was electrified, they have to ultimately complain to authorities. This choice of fencing surprised them because Tucker had set it up just inches away from where the kids were waiting and making it easy for them to fall on it and get injured.

One more concern was that Tucker had not put up any symbols cautioning the children that they were near an electrical fence. For this purpose and because of its closeness to the bus stop, his neighbours felt bound to call the police.

Tucker said he put the fence up as a way to keep kids from intruding and leaving garbage in his yard. He further said that he is not in responsibility of other people’s and all he can do is safeguard him and that’s why he has got a fence up.

When police reached, they reached out to the local Public Works department to fix whether the enclosure drawn-out to a public easement. Eventually, the authorities concluded that the fence did invade on the easement, which meant it was illegitimate and Tucker would need to take it down.

However, there is a chance that fence will no more an issue once it stays only on the grounds Tucker in reality possesses. That’s for the reason that his property line is far away from the bus stop that any kids would have to stroll away from the stop and towards it to make contact with it.

Nevertheless, it’s also factual that he is allowed to put it back if it only stays within his property edges. Tucker completely intends to keep the fence up no matter what his neighbours think about it. He claims that trespassing signs are not appropriately in effect at keeping children away from his property.

This story has caused some responses online, but several are in fact in favor of Tucker’s right to shield his property. A lot of people even consider that it is an excellent idea.

Certain people were on the other and questioned whether putting up an electric fence is at all needed.

It is clear that people are fragmented on this fence and are falling on both sides of this argument. Let’s just say, people take property protection fairly seriously.

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