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Parents purchase two container homes for their teenage daughters so they can live independently in the backyard.

Do you recall the first time you moved out of your parents’ house?

Independence is something that we all want. You desire to discover, make your own decisions, and learn how to handle your funds while you’re young.

Some go to college, while others elect to leave their parents’ home.

When Matt and Linda discovered their children were teenagers, they thought it was time to relocate and hunt for a larger house.

They picked one with a large backyard and anticipated using it in a few years.

In fact, their two teenage girls were mature enough to move out after a few years, but they nonetheless wished they were nearby. As a result, the couple began looking for container houses.

They discovered two stunning containers from Alternative Living Spaces and purchased two 340-square-foot container homes. Each one is $60,000.00. They will cost about $70,000 per apartment if you want them completely equipped.

The girls can live there, but they both have aging sets of parents who are getting older, and they believed, well, if they had these storage containers, they have this multi-generational setup that they could put them out there, Matt said.

Matt and Linda would be able to keep an eye on their children, Maddie and Ashley, while still allowing them the freedom and privacy that they desired.

The couple would be able to redesign the apartment for their elderly parents after they moved out.

What a fantastic investment!

The couple took the house’s sewage, electricity, and water and shared them with the two container dwellings. This way, the youngsters won’t have to bother installing their own systems.

Ashley, one of the girls, lived in her container house for a time before leaving for college.

Maddie’s buddy, Braedon, chose to rent the space.

It was the ideal residence for Braedon, who was seeking a temporary residence. Maddie’s house has a nicer setting than an apartment.

Maddie’s container house contains a large living room with air conditioning, a television, and a large couch that can be converted into a bed. Braedon’s living room is similar to Maddie’s, save for the addition of a dog bed and an X-Box.

Maddie’s container kitchen isn’t being utilized since she still eats and cooks at her parents’ house. The microwave container has subsequently become a showcase for her headwear. Braedon’s container’s kitchen has a microwave and space for a few dishes.

Maddie’s container unit has more clothing and shoes, and she has maximized her storage space. Braedon’s container has all of his essentials, yet there is still room for more.

We grow concerned when our children begin to want independence and privacy.

Many people liked Matt and Linda’s proposal since they enjoy the best of both worlds. They may educate their children about independence and privacy while also monitoring and assisting them if necessary.

What are your thoughts on this setup?

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