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Parents Secretly Adopt Him On Christmas To Surprise Their Daughter.

How will you feel if your dream is fulfilled surprisingly earlier than you thought?

This happened to Hallee Fuqua in 2018. Every time she asked for a pet dog for years her parents always used to say to wait till she completes her graduation.

She became a volunteer at the local Humane Society in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This happened during her thanksgiving break. There she found her dream dog, Rambo. It was a mixed breed of a Plott Hound and a Mountain Cur.

Jackie Ross-Guerrero, the shelter’s director, said. “They connected from day one. She would come in and just sit with him,”

Even though Hallee spent sufficient time with Rambo, she knew that she is not going to get her pet, till she completes her Graduation.

She never realized that a surprise miracle was going to happen before Christmas. yes. Her father Lance Fuqua and his wife wanted to give Rambo, which was Hallee’s favorite pet dog, as a surprise gift. This was decided by both some three weeks ago.

The Humane Society agreed to coordinate with them, keeping it a secret from Hallee. They said that “They don’t normally do this, but with Hallee, they made an exception,” They thought this would encourage others to donate to the Humane Society.

Ross-Guerrero said, “We pulled a little white lie when she would come in so she would think he was still under adoption”

Hallee was surprised to see on social media that Rambo was adopted two days before the surprise on Sunday, December 16. She was broken with overjoy. This beautiful moment was caught on camera.

Her father said, “but she had no idea that he already belonged to her.”

Posted by Lance Fuqua on Tuesday, 18 December 2018

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