Stepmom Starts Sobbing Reading Letter By Her Stepdaughter.

Video footage, which was posted on Facebook, had gone viral and been shared around the world. That video narrated a heartwarming event of 21 years old Marissa Thamann, of Cincinnati, Ohio, who asked her stepmother to adopt her after 17 years.

Brian married Heather after Marissa’s biological mother Meredith died from a pulmonary embolism. At that time, Marissa was just three-year-old. Andrew, 9, and Easton, 3 were the children of Brian and Heather.

Heather Thamann would never have expected that she was going to get a pleasant surprise from Marissa on Christmas day. The gift contained a handmade ornament and a letter. On one side, the ornament read; ‘My Wonderful Mother’, and on the other: ‘Will you adopt me?’

The gift was opened in front of her dad, Stepmother, and her two children. Marissa’s 15-year-old sister Olivia filmed this special moment on her cell phone.

As soon as Heather read the heart-touching letter of her stepdaughter, she burst into tears.

‘The paper’s already signed,’ said Marissa, ‘You just have to sign them.’

In her reply, Heather told, ‘I’ve been waiting for so long,’

‘I know, I’m sorry it took so long,’ Marissa said. Marissa added: ‘Calling you my stepmom is almost insulting … The work that you have put into being there for me is something that can’t ever be replaced.

In her letter: ‘You have been the best thing my dad has given me. ‘Thank you for being the mom that I needed.’

“I was overwhelmed by the gesture,” Heather said. She further added, ‘I can’t even really put it into words,’ she said. ‘It’s hard to put something like that into words because you want it to happen. As a parent, it’s hard. You never think that you’re good enough, that you do it right. You just do your best and hope that they love you enough.’

When talking about her mother, she said that she was great and always thought about others first.

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