Pat Boone was married to his wife for 65 years – when she died, he said they had only parted ‘for a little while’

Pat Boone, a renowned vocalist who topped the charts in the 1950s and 1960s, amassed a worldwide following. He has worked as a composer, actor, writer, television personality, motivational speaker, and New York Times best-selling book over his decades in the entertainment world. He stated at the age of 86 that he was working on a book about faith entitled “If.”

He wedded Shirley Lee Foley, the daughter of country music artist Red Foley, when he was just 19 years old.

One year later, he emerged into the scene with his first hit, a cover of Fats Domino’s “Ain’t That a Shame.” He scored a number one hit in 1956, and the only other performer ahead of him on the charts at the time was Elvis Presley.

At the age of 23, he got his own show, The Pat Boone Chevy Showroom, which aired every week on ABC for 115 episodes until 1960.

His profession grew and he moved on to become one of the largest music artists in the United States, as well as starring in films such as Journey to the Center of the Earth, State Fair, and The Greatest Story Ever Told, to mention a few.

And his loyal wife Shirley remained at his side the entire time, parenting their four kids and performing as an actor and assistant director.

Shirley died at the age of 84 of complications from vasculitis, a set of illnesses that attack blood vessels, after being married for 65 years.

Boone stated that not many individuals in this insane industry stay married to the same spouse for 65 years, but Shirley died last year and he is on his own now.

Boone has no intention of leaving the house they’ve lived in for decades, yet he confesses he’s feeling the absence. He explained he is living here by himself with a cleaner and his dog, a tiny cocker spaniel. His name is Shadow. He joked that he and his Shadow were “alone and feeling blue,” then added, he is good but he really misses Shirley.

They lived a lovely, joyful life together for 65 years, he told after the demise of his loving wife Pat. He has been apart from his better half for a short time but they don’t die; they simply relocate, and today was a moving day. All she’s done is changed her address and transferred to a different house, which he intends to meet her in one day.

The love and commitment expressed by these two is both lovely and inspiring. Shirley, rest in peace.

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