Newborn smiles in his teen mom’s arms just moments before she passes: ‘She had so much love for him’

The pleasure of a baby and your first grandchild is something you will always remember, however for one UK grandmother, this joyous moment was marred by heartbreak.

Abbie Hallawell’s grandson Parker John was born on September 9, yet her 17-year-old daughter was brain-dead and in serious condition.

Teegan Barnard gave birth to a healthy 9lb 90z boy in September 2019, but she had major problems and a heart arrest. She died some weeks later.

Parker will be raised by Abbie and Parker’s dad, and Abbie vows she will do everything she can to ensure her grandson understands how much his mother loves him.

Abbie stated, she was so happy. She would have been the best mommy in the world. She had so much affection for him and never got to show him. Abbie stated she would give everything to have her back. She misses her more than anything else. They resembled closest friends more than mother and daughter.

Teegan got to hug her newborn child in the final weeks of her life, and Abbie captured photographs to present Parker as he grew up.

She added it’s been so essential to her to see Parker in his mummy’s arms, where he belongs.

Parker was seen smiling while resting next to his mom in her last minutes and was clicked by his sad grandma. Abbie adds that she placed them together whenever she could. Now that she’s gone, they dress Parker in vests with his mother’s image on them. She wants to keep her near to him at all times.

Teegan’s family and the little kid she will never get to demonstrate how much she loved are in our thoughts. Rest in peace Teegan.

It’s good to know Parker will learn how much his mother loved him from his loving grandmother as he develops. Please share this story.

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