Pedophile Who Kidnapped, Raped Girl Needs Reconstructive Surgery Thanks To Inmate.

A 13-year-old girl was attacked while heading to school in Mitcham, a tiny borough in South London, shortly after 7 a.m. Kadian “Conz” Nelson, 27, crept up behind the youngster, placed his hand over her mouth, and pulled her into a nearby alleyway where he raped her. He then wrapped her in his jacket to disguise her identity and threatened to murder her if she did not accompany him to his next stop.

Fortunately, a pair of young ladies saw Nelson escorting the girl away and phoned the cops, who followed the duo and confronted him fiercely. Nelson escaped, terrified by their persistence, leaving the child with the young ladies before police came. He was apprehended a few hours after the incident.

Nelson pled guilty at Kingston Crown Court to counts of kidnapping, rape, and threatening to kill. He was subsequently found guilty and put into custody for booking into Wandsworth Prison, one of the UK’s largest and most brutal prisons. Little did he realise that he was already well-known among the inmates.

Nelson was savagely attacked by a fellow convict shortly after arriving at the prison, who had evidently learned of his misdeeds against the schoolgirl. Nelson was knocked down with a single punch, according to a source. The punch threw the rapist onto the edge of a desk, which splintered and a piece of wood penetrated the side of his face. He had reconstructive surgery as a result of the injuries.

Nelson was dreaded by people who knew him, the court heard during his trial. Numerous character witnesses stated that he had a nasty side, complete with cruel fantasies and violent threats.

Nelson apparently referred to himself as the “Devil” and used threats to extort individuals. Several acquaintances verified his interest in conspiracy theories and the Occult.

Another individual stated that they were a recurrent victim of Kadian Nelson’s molestation as a youngster, but they were terrified to come out and report the crime.

Others avoided him since he was renowned for stealing and extorting people he befriended.

Nelson’s safety will be jeopardised if he is returned to the jail population. Authorities must evaluate which jail block is the safest for him. A person convicted of his crimes, on the other hand, will always be a target, because even the most serious offenders loathe people who hurt kids.

Nelson was only given a taste of jail life a few hours after his conviction. If this vengeance foreshadows the remainder of his term, he’ll have a difficult time behind prison.

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