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Woman Hunts Down Man Who Stole Her Car At Barber Shop, Makes Him Pay Big.

Bianca Chambers, a Detroit resident, works hard for all she has. So, when her Mercedes-Benz was taken, she didn’t sit back and trust that the cops would finally find the criminal and retrieve whatever remained of her property. As a result, she chose to conduct her own investigation.

Chambers travelled throughout the city for two days looking for her automobile. She traced it down four times and phoned the authorities to report her discovery. She even noticed it parked in a strip mall near her business. But, by the time police arrived, the suspect had driven away with it. As a result, she devised a new strategy.

After the fifth sighting of her car, Chambers decided to take issues into her own hands instead of waiting for the authorities. The enraged owner went into the barbershop where her car was parked and identified the perpetrator. Her adrenaline kicked in at that point.

Chambers addressed the suspect, Michael Tolbert, 19, and asked him, “Excuse me, you got the Benz out there?” Although his response was ambiguous, it was enough to set off Chambers. She grabbed him out of the barber chair and started hauling the clearly astonished suspect out of the store by his dreadlocks in a second.

While waiting for the cops, Chambers made a citizen’s arrest with the assistance of many witnesses. She did, though, cut all four of her own tyres to ensure he couldn’t flee.

Chambers was happily delighted to find her automobile in pristine condition when she reclaimed it. She claims the burglar had it detailed so he could go “joyriding” with his friends. Driving a stolen car in broad daylight, according to Chambers, is something only the stupidest crook would do.

Tolbert appears to have a history of auto theft and vehicle break-ins. He was accused at the age of 17 for stealing goods from automobiles in parking lots and stealing a car with the keys still inside. It was estimated that he took $1,700 in merchandise.

Tolbert was accused of receiving and hiding stolen property worth $20,000 or more in the instance of Chambers’ automobile. He was released on personal bail but punished for a probation breach from a previous case.

Michael Tolbert could have filed assault charges against Bianca Chambers for hauling him out of the chair by his hair, but he chose not to, maybe out of humiliation.

While Chambers has been praised for her tenacity, police investigators do not advocate her methods. Nonetheless, it’s simple to see why she took things into her own hands instead of allowing the robber to steal her car for the fifth time.

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