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People criticize Jessica Simpson for allowing her little daughter to wear a crop top.

Jessica Simpson is receiving internet criticism for allowing her 11-year-old daughter to dress in adult clothing.

The singer gained notoriety when she attended PetSafe’s Unleashed event in Los Angeles, California, with her daughter, Maxwell Drew, who looks just like her.

Simpson captioned a photo of herself next to Maxwell wearing a crop top and a denim maxi skirt with the caption: “Bring your Barbie to work day.”

However, there was a flurry of comments asking why the 43-year-old mother would let her preteen daughter look like she’s well into her forties.

One commenter said, “Both are beautiful! BUT just my opinion. Crop top on an 11 year old is pushing boundaries. JS is beautiful. Her daughter is beautiful. But what’s the message here?”

“I thought that girl was like 19 to 22,” stated another.

A third remarked, “Who lets their 11-year-old child out of the house dressed like that?? Too busy trying to be her minor daughter’s best friend instead of being a responsible parent.

“After years of denouncing how she was oversexualized as a young adult and the scrutiny she faced, she’s now making sure her daughter will have the same experience instead of protecting her from it. Shameful and incredibly sad. Poor Maxwell.”

One supporter, nevertheless, sprang to Simpson’s defense, arguing that society shouldn’t prescribe what women should wear, regardless of their age.

“This is why women are put into a box and society thinks that we should act and dress a certain way, Who cares! This is not your body, this is not your daughter. I think they both look beautiful, smart and amazing! So much hate in this world and that shows how many people are truly unhappy with themselves and their own lives,” they joked.

Ace Knute, 10, and Birdie Mae, 4, are the other two children that Simpson and her ex-husband, former NFL star Eric Johnson, share.

Simpson fought back at trolls for body-shaming her during an interview with ET when she was at PetSafe’s Unleashed.

She continued by saying that, especially in the body-positive era, her kids were ‘confused’ by the severe criticism she endured.

She said, “‘I don’t even understand this mom, why can’t they just say you look pretty,'”

“How you feel about yourself is how you should feel,” I tell my children.

It isn’t about… You shouldn’t dress for other people. You don’t make an effort to resemble anybody else.

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