‘People shame for wearing PJs on the school run, they assume I’m lazy’

When it comes to parenting, practically everyone has an opinion about how you raise your kids.

It can be relentless, from the way you dress them to the food you feed them and the toys you offer them.

And, as one mother discovered earlier, kids may rate your parenting abilities depending on what you wear on the school run.

Jodie Palmer, a mother of three, ignited an internet discussion after posting a picture of herself in her pajamas while dropping her kids off at school.

The 34-year-old from Swindon claims she is pleased to wear her PJs, yet her post was inundated with comments condemning her for doing so, with others labeling her “sickening,” “filthy,” and “lazy.”

Jodie has subsequently responded to criticism, arguing that wearing her pajamas outside does not make her a horrible mother and that the only individuals who should be embarrassed are those who judge her.

The self-employed mother with two jobs stated that she is a PJ parent, and yes, she dropped her children off at school in her jammies and unbrushed hair.

She is not a horrible mother since she wore her pajamas; instead she wore them as she is striving to be a good one.

Jodie revealed that the snapshot was taken after a difficult night with her one-year-old, which resulted in her waking up late and not having enough time to dress.

She stated that individuals may look at her and believe she is lazy, lack self-esteem, or set a negative example for the kids. But she is the polar opposite.She had been up almost all night with her one-year-old kid. She had only a couple of hours of interrupted sleep, but she still woke up, got her kids ready for school, and got them there on time.

She simply didn’t have time for herself, which is fine since her focus is them, not how she appears to others.

She continued on to remark that caring about her appearance was less essential than making sure her kids were bathed, dressed, nourished, and presentable.

Her children come first; she can figure herself out afterwards. They must be cleansed, clothed, made attractive, and nourished.  It’s not about her appearance; that’s the last thing on her mind. Indiv  have suggested that the kids would feel humiliated, but they don’t notice; it’s the grownups who have an issue.

Some of the remarks were both unneeded and hurtful. Because it has no bearing on you, why do people feel the need to pass judgment? People referred to her as filthy.

Jodie hopes that in the future, individuals would attempt to be less judgmental as they never know what somebody else is going through.

The next time you see a mother in her pajamas, instead of criticizing her, smile at her as she is undoubtedly going through a lot, but she has made sure her children are in school, and isn’t that what matters?

She wants mothers who are suffering to realize that their best is sufficient.

Jodie was taken aback by the nasty response to her post, with some labelling her a “scummy mummy” and a “scrounger.”

She was surprised by the harsh replies, but she is strong enough to ignore them; her main worry is the mother, who is struggling to keep it together. What if someone made those remarks about a struggling mother, and it was the final straw?

She is self-employed, doing two jobs as a children’s entertainment and as an Avon leader, yet people think she is on benefits, and so what if she is? She was dubbed a scrounger and a Universal Credit scummy mummy, which couldn’t be further from the truth, but people are so ready to condemn when it’s not their concern.

Since when has being a full-time mother been something to be embarrassed of and used as a criticism online?

All have terrible days, and she wanted to upload her photo since it tells other parents that it is alright to have bad days, and they still put their kids first, Jodie says of her choice to share the photo.

One should be applauding mothers who are multitasking more than ever before these days. One should not shame mothers who are simply trying to do their best.

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