Rush Limbaugh Was One Of America’s ‘Most Generous Celebrities’ When It Came To Charity

As conservatives grieved the death of Rush Limbaugh, who died of lung cancer on Wednesday at the age of 70, and lefties showered scorn and vitriol on his legacy, one element of the talk radio legend’s life should not be forgotten.

Throughout his profession, he liberally donated millions of dollars to charities close to his heart. Throughout his life, Rush was a productive fundraiser and giver. Limbaugh was named one of America’s top humanitarian celebrity benefactors in 2008.

“Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh scored fourth on the Most Generous Celebrities List by contributing $4.2 million, or nearly 13 percent of the $33 million he made last year, to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation,” according to Forbes.

Here are some of the charitable contributions Limbaugh has made throughout the years.

Rush and his wife contributed a half-million dollars to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston in July 2018.

It was announced in April 2016 that Limbaugh and his legions of admirers have raised more than $47 million for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society over the previous 26 years.

These funds were used for critical research as well as assistance to families impacted by connected disorders.

Limbaugh stated at the time that every year, he believed this is the year when they have finally peaked and won’t be able to outperform the prior year. And he has never been wrong. From the bottom of their large pounding hearts, He and everyone at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of America thank you.

In December 2019, it was announced that nearly $5 million was raised for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a foundation that helps the loved ones of first responders slain in the line of duty, owing to Limbaugh and his listeners (Rush himself gave $2 million).

Earlier that year, this organization had paid off the mortgage on a home owned by the family of a killed Auburn police officer.

In October 2007, Rush got a furious letter from congressional Democrats who were concerned with his comments regarding troops who opposed the Iraq War. So Rush put the letter up for auction and matched the highest offer.

Profits were donated to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. “It’s now official, and is going to collect in excess of $4.2 million because I am matching Betty Casey’s offer on eBay – $4.2 million,” Rush remarked at the time.

Those who understood Rush recognized he had a huge heart and a big pocketbook for those in need. In more ways than one, Rush’s legacy is one to be proud of. Rush Limbaugh legacy will live on forever in everyone’s heart.

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