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Photos Of Candace Cameron Bure And Her Family Attending Wedding Spark Criticism.

Candace Cameron Bure recently posted some adorable images of her family during a wedding they attended over the weekend. Candace and her daughter Natasha donned lovely red gowns in the images, while her husband, Valeri Bure, and son, Lev Bure, were dressed in suits. Her other son was not there since he was away at college.

The harsh remarks written by her Instagram fans caught the Fuller House actress off guard.

“Supposed to avoid red at weddings, it’s a strong hue that pulls the limelight from the bride,” one person commented. Candace replied, “different style guidelines in Los Angeles,” with a winking emoji.

“I don’t understand why men don’t wear socks with suits,” said another. That does not seem to look good. ” Candace responded, “in your opinion.”

And when someone commented, “The no sock thing is quite repulsive,” Candace said that comments like these are unpleasant. Individuals love style in many ways. It is not always essential to express one’s point of view.

Candace was simply trying to share a pleasant snapshot of a memorable occasion with her family when she received all of these harsh comments and judgments. In reaction to the criticism, she added a remark to her post that stated, don’t poke Mama Bear. Some still need to work on their manners. Don’t like it? Page through. Some people destroy the joy of social media sharing for all.

Social media can at times bring out the worst in people. May we all make a commitment to be nice to one another and to use our words to lift people up, both online and in person.

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