Police handcuffed and pepper-sprayed parents who were urging them to storm Texas school

Uvalde cops are fronting fresh criticism over first-hand accounts and videos displaying them manacling and confining anxious parents who were advising them to storm the Robb Elementary school structure amid the bloodbath.

Angeli Gomez said that the cops were doing nothing and they were just standing outer the barrier. They weren’t going in there or running wherever. Angeli has two children in second and third grade and she supposedly drove 40 miles to the school as soon she hears of the massacre. She was one of the frantic mothers who stimulated cops with growing urgency to move in the school. 

Ultimately, federal marshals put Angeli in manacles and told her that she was under detention for intervening in an active search operation.

Angeli said she was competent to persuade an Uvalde sheriff whom she knew to have the marshal free her and she took the occasion to move away from the gathering, jump the school boundary and entered inside the school where she saved her children on her own. According to her, other parents also trying to get to their children were undertaken and even pepper-sprayed by cops.  

Angel Garza, whose daughter was murdered, was manacled after trying to enter into the school when he got to know that girl named Amerie had been gunshot. 

Angel later told his tear-jerking story and described that when he reached on the sight he tried to relief a young girl covered in blood, since he is a qualified physician. The girl clarified she wasn’t injured and the blood was from her best pal, Amerie. It was at that time Angel understood the blood he was looking at came from his own daughter. Angel later got to know that Amerie was among those who pass away.

Javier Cazares’ fourth standard daughter, Jacklyn Cazares was also murdered in the violence. Cazares told that he ran to the school when he gotten about the gunfire, arriving while cops were still assembled outdoor of the school building. 

Disappointed that cops were not getting in, Cazares raised the idea of accusing into the school with numerous other onlookers. He said to just rush in since the cops aren’t doing whatsoever like they are supposed to. He added that more could have been done but the cops were just not equipped.

One awful video displays field marshal holding a number of parents back as they tried to get inside. The recording displays a parent being held to the ground by an officer.

Additional videotapes show parents pleading the cops to get into the school building, though it was uncertain at what time the recording was shot. 

On Thursday in the course of a press session, Victor Escalon of the Texas Department of Public Safety, addressed the parents’ statements that they were restrained from assisting their kids.   

Texas school shooting

Newly released cell phone video shows the desperate pleas of parents begging police in Uvalde, Texas to enter Robb Elementary School, where a gunman had walked in through an apparently unlocked door and slaughtered 19 students and two teachers. Outrage was growing over how much time passed — with the shooter alive in the building — before authorities stormed the school.

Posted by ABC7NY on Thursday, 26 May 2022

Escalon said that there were officers from all over at the sight and that he would talk to them to find out what has transpired.

Steve McCraw, Department of Public Safety Director spoke to journalists that 40 minutes to an hour gone from when Ramos opened fire on the school security officer to when the strategic team gunshot him.

However a department spokesperson said later that they could not give a compact estimation of how long the killer was in the school or when he was murdered.

McCraw said that the law implementation was there and they did involve instantly containing Ramos in the schoolroom.

In the meantime, a law enforcement official acquainted with the investigation said the Border Patrol agents had problem breaking the classroom entrance and had to get a staff associate to be able to open the room with a key. 

Answers are yet to be given why it took cops so long to get into the schoolroom where the children were stuck with the murderer.

Derek Sotelo, 26, who works in a tire workshop nearby to the school, said that parents were pleading to let them go inside the school.

Juan Carranza, whose house is situated across the school, said he saw neighbouring women yelling at officers to get inside of the school shortly after the violence initiated. He said that the field marshal never did end up going inside. 

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