Texas shooting survivor says her stepbrother, who died in the massacre, wanted to be a police officer when he grew up

Andrea Herrera, 9, who has survived of the Tuesday’s school massacre, said that her stepbrother, Jose Flores sought to be a police man when he grew up.

Andrea said that Jose would constantly say that he want to be a police man so he can guard all these other people from the criminal people. She said that she is unhappy since Jose didn’t have the prospect anymore to live his dream.

10 years old Jose was amongst the 21 fatalities in Tuesday’s school gunfire in Uvalde.  

Andrea saw her own educator get gunshot in the course of the bloodbath. She was in an adjacent schoolroom when the killer burst in and fortified himself inside Jose’s schoolroom. 

Cynthia Herrera and her partner anxiously hunted for their kids upon reaching at Robb Elementary School. The couple found their daughter harmless at one of the assembly points however later found out their son was carried to the hospital, where he pass away. 

Cynthia said that she have no mental state as she feels emotionless. She just tries to keep her mind engaged with the children. She just feels awkward even saying that her daughter made it since she knows her stepson didn’t.

Despite the fact that most kids look onward to summer holidays but Andrea will be learning to live with sorrow and fear. 

Andrea said that she is truly kind of worried on the thought of ultimately going back to school. She continued that since she is frightened that it just might take place all over again and she feel like she is just speculating what if it occurs again and who will be next.

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