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Police no longer investigating the Anne Heche car crash

The Los Angeles Police Department has concluded its investigation into the vehicle accident that left star Anne Heche legally brain dead.

As of today, no further investigation attempts will be made in this instance, the statement said. Any evidence or documents that were sought previous to this turn of events will still be gathered and included in the overall investigation as a concern of formality.  They do not bring for filing consideration when an individual accused of a crime dies.

Prior to this remark, the Los Angeles Police Department was examining Heche for possible DUI after narcotics were discovered in her system.

The blood draw indicated the existence of narcotics in early testing, Los Angeles police announced at the time.

The incident was classified as a “felony DUI traffic collision.

Last Friday, Heche, 53, drove her car into a house in Los Angeles’ Mar Vista neighbourhood. As per her spokesperson, she was certified brain-dead on Friday after sustaining an anoxic brain damage.

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