Woman who used to be lesbian falls for man 30 years older

A 26-year-old teacher who ‘never envisaged’ being in a heterosexual relationship has fallen in love with her 56-year-old coworker.

Aliyah Coleman of Cibolo, Texas, first met Kenneth Coleman in September 2020, when she began her profession as a secondary school teacher.

She was quickly drawn to the father of two, which surprised her as she had previously only been interested in women.

Following eloping earlier this summer, the secondary school teachers became inseparable after a staff night out and are now blissfully happy.

Her family and friends were astonished by the gender discrepancy, not the age gap, Aliyah explained.

She had just ended a three-year relationship with a woman and had never imagined being with a male.

However she had a great connection with him, and that pushed her out of her comfort zone.
Aliyah claims to ‘pursue’ Kenneth for several weeks before they began dating.

But at work, he was ‘very professional and private,’ and he wasn’t thinking about a relationship as she was so young in comparison to him.

She was fascinated by him and would go out of her way to talk to him more at work, Aliyah continued.

She was immediately drawn to his looks and expertise, and thoroughly loved listening to his stories as he had previously worked as an engineer and travelled the world.

Due to the age difference, she doesn’t think he contemplated a romantic connection with her.

But she has always been told she has an ancient spirit, so she didn’t hesitate.

She goes on to state that she just realized she desired to marry Kenneth, who had already been married twice.

He’s the first man she has ever dated, and their sex life is incredible. It doesn’t matter his age; they do it at least five times a week.

The couple became an ‘official’ relationship in October 2020, before Kenneth proposed a year later, in October 2021.

They married in July 2022, at Canyonland National Park, Moab, Utah, with no family or friends in attendance.

It was a dream come true to spend their special day alone together in nature, Aliyah added.

However, she confesses to having mixed feelings about the relationship.

She told her mother, who is 52, about him, and she wasn’t surprised since she’s always joked that she was born 50 years old since she never acted her age, Aliyah added.

Fortunately, everybody has been quite welcoming, but outsiders and some coworkers have believed she is with him for his money.

However, they’re both teachers and make a good livelihood. They divided everything.

An age-gap relationship might be difficult if one is worried about other people’s perceptions, but they aren’t.

Aliyah also claims that the pair has many interests, such as board games and a wish to explore the world.

After a few weeks of dating, Kenneth informed her he had a vasectomy, which was fantastic news because she had never desired to be a mother.

Most of the time, they forget about the age difference because they’re having so much fun.

They have a shuffleboard and a ping pong table in their house.

However, Aliyah acknowledges that the thirty-year age difference bothers her since she is concerned about Kenneth’s health and their future.

Last year, Keneth suffered sepsis and was in critical care – at that time, she believed all her goals were going to fade away, she explained.

Now, she overthinks if he has an ache or is suffering because of his age.

However, she must remind herself that no one is guaranteed to live to be 100, and something may occur to her in her twenties.’

She knows approximately 10 individuals from high school who have regrettably died from cancer, but all of her elder relatives are still living, so that gives her peace of mind when she is worried.

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