Police Responds To “Ice Cream Emergency”.

When it comes to craving ice cream, there’s not much else that will do. In Kansas City, Missouri, 7-year-old Allison was at home recovering from surgery. So her mom gave her an old cell phone to play with and take her mind off of things. But what her mom didn’t realize was that even though an old cell phone can be disconnected, dialing 911 will still work, and will still call into emergency services. So Allison ended up calling the Kansas City Police Department a total of four times, most of them asking for ice cream.

Says officer Dakota Stone: “She called once and hung up. She called back later saying she wanted ice cream and hung up. She called again, this time saying she wanted a cheeseburger and some ice cream.”

So officer Stone decided that he and his partner would deliver the young girl some ice cream.

Says the officer: “We went to QuikTrip, and we got a milkshake and took it to her house, and mom came out to the door and she was like, ‘Let me guess, you’re here for Allison,’ And I told her, ‘Yeah, we brought her ice cream,’ and mom was just in shock.”

Allison loved the milkshake, but while the officers had her attention, they emphasized the importance of using 911 for emergencies only, and a craving for ice cream and a cheeseburger didn’t quite make the level of an emergency.

A short time later, the young girl wrote the officers a thank-you letter for making a special trip to her home. And, hopefully, she can find another way to deal with those cravings. 

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