Sad Mother Invites Cops On Her Son’s Birthday.

In Gatesville, Texas, Brian and Tara Jansen were really looking forward to having a weekend pizza party for their son’s 11th birthday, as his classmates gathered to help celebrate it with him. Sadly, however, not a single classmate showed up to his party. So Brian and Tara, both Army veterans who had recently moved to Gatesville from Colorado, did the next best thing. They called the police. They felt they had to, because their hearts just sank when no one showed up for their son Kaleb’s party.

Says Tara: “It’s so hard as parents to see your little one sitting there just waiting for friends. I was afraid I put the wrong date on the invitation or something. I think he did on a certain level understand what was going on, but he understood some people had other things to do and it was a weekend. We have moved quite a bit being in the military so he’s used to making new friends and going different places.”

Kaleb’s parents had already paid for all that pizza, and they really did not want it to go to waste. That’s why they called the police department, and invited officers to come get some free pizza at Studebaker’s Pizza. Tara explained over the call what had happened and why they had so much pizza.

Within a very short time, officers started showing up. And they were on a mission. They took Kaleb out to their cars and ran the lights and sirens for him. They brought him gifts and they sang happy birthday to him. And the young boy was thrilled, as well as his parents.

Says Tara: “We were beside ourselves. Honestly, we’ve done stuff like this when we were in the field so it’s different being on the other side of it. We thought it was really nice of them. We can’t really put into words how special it made Kaleb feel.”

Later, when Kaleb’s parents posted about it on Facebook, he received even more gifts, and special birthday messages to him from all over the world. And, although they are certainly grateful for the kindness of strangers, they all agreed that many of those gifts would be donated to the Gatesville Care Center so they can be given out to others at Christmas time.

Says Tara: “We just want to give back.”

And, you know, giving back is the best thing we all can do.

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