Student Who Couldn’t Find A Babysitter Is STUNNED With Her Teacher’s Response.

Getting a higher education can sometimes be a tedious thing. You have to balance things, you have to focus, you have to get involved and you have to succeed. All that is plenty enough, but throw a baby or young child in the mix and all that effort is pretty much doubled.

Young women in college often have to deal with that when they have a young one. And they are virtually dependant upon the babysitter to help them out when it comes to getting to class. But what happens when the babysitter is a bust? Panic. That’s what happens. And the only thing you can do is take the little one to the classroom with you. If you’re lucky… really, really lucky, the professor will understand.

One student attending Columbia College in South Carolina found such understanding in her professor, Dr. Amanda Stefanski. The student informed the professor beforehand about her babysitter being a no-show and that she didn’t know what to do. Amanda had a quick solution… bring her baby to class with her. And the student did just that.

It wasn’t even the first time she asked a student to bring her child with her. So while this student focused on her lesson in the class, Amanda held the student’s 6-month-old boy in a chest carrier all during the class.

Says Carol Moore, president of the college: “Dr. Stefanski epitomizes the dedication all Columbia College faculty and staff have towards student success, and exemplifies the College’s commitment to being student ready.”

Amanda believed it to be a great teaching opportunity, saying: “one of my favorite teacher quotes is: ‘Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.’ I have always tried to embody that.”

Photos of the professor with the baby were posted on the college’s Facebook page last October. It has since been shared more than a thousand times.

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Posted by Columbia College SC on Wednesday, 17 October 2018

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