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‘Precious Moments’: Henry Winkler, 77, Dances With Grandkids Who Didn’t Know Their ‘Papa’ Is Famous.

Henry Winkler, star of “Happy Days,” is a lovely grandfather who enjoys spending time with his grandkids. Recently, he uploaded a TikTok video of himself enjoying the fun of his life with two of his adorable grandchildren.

In the video shared over the Thanksgiving holiday, the actor can be seen dancing about the house while holding one of his grandchildren and being surrounded by others.


Happy thanksgiving!

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Fans referred to him as a fun-loving grandpa, remarking that he was even more spectacular as a grandparent than he was as the Fonz or Fonzy on “Happy Days.” Another said that Winkler’s grandchildren were fortunate to have him as their grandfather.

Winkler’s performance as Fonzy made him a household celebrity in the 1970s and 1980s, and he remains one of Hollywood’s most beloved performers. His most notable film roles were in “Arrested Development,” “Night Shift,” “The Waterboy,” and “Black Adam,” his most recent feature.


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Winkler is also a doting grandfather to his six grandkids, in addition to being a multi-award-winning actor who has achieved enduring recognition over the years. Ironically, during an interview, Winkler said that his grandkids did not realize he was such a renowned actor, despite the fact that he is revered for his performances throughout the globe.

He said that his grandchildren were too young, the youngest having been born just a year before, and were oblivious of the worldwide renown his name commanded; they referred to him merely as “Papa.”

However, in 2021, Winkler revealed to Seth Meyers that he got the greatest surprise of his life when his eldest grandson, Ace, realized he was Fonzie and dressed up as the character for Halloween a few years earlier.

He explained to Meyers that he had been to his grandson’s home because he enjoyed handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. He was sitting on the threshold when Ace dressed as Fonzy approached.

He said Ace was wearing a faux leather jacket, trousers, and his red hair was slicked back, and the image delighted him so much that.

He went on to say that his grandson had just won the championship baseball game, and from the way he described Ace’s performance, it was evident that he was very pleased with his grandson.


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Winkler admits that his parents never hesitated to place their hand or any other item, even a hairbrush, on him when he was growing up.

The actor remembers how his mother would often pursue and punish him for little offenses such as placing his ear to his breakfast dish and listening to his cereal cackle.

Most nights, he fell asleep believing that he would be a better dad than his parents were to him. Winkler would often wonder how school kids could say they were going on vacation or having fun with their parents. He describes his parents as being very critical and even nasty.

As all of his grandparents were deported to concentration camps, he acknowledges that he has no amusing or intriguing anecdotes to tell about his parents or grandparents.

After becoming a dad, Winkler resolved to alter the narrative based on his childhood experiences. Today, he is pleased with how differently he raised his kids, as he was a better dad to them.

Together with his 44-year-old wife, Stacey Weitzman, he raised his 2 kids, Max and Zoe, in a loving environment. But there’s more.

In addition to being a devoted and kind parent to his kids, he has given the same grace to his grandkids. He desires for children to have a grandfather who is present and caring, unlike himself.

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