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Teen Refused To Move Feet Off Seat For Elderly To Sit, LAPD Teaches Painful Lesson.

Bethany Nava was traveling on the Metro Red Line train when a cop ordered her to leave for violating the passenger code of conduct, which prohibits feet on seats. Someone started recording the conversation between Nava and the LAPD sergeant almost instantly. At the beginning of the tape, the officer can be heard telling the 18-year-old to get off the train and gesturing for her to stand.

He already told her what to do, and she hasn’t done it. She did not obey him. The officer informed the adolescent, who reportedly refused to take her feet off the seat so that other passengers, some of whom were older, could sit down, that she was leaving the train. Unfortunately, the entitled girl ignored the officer’s requests once again. That’s when the situation changed.

The Los Angeles police officer grabbed Nava’s arm and dragged her off the train. She insisted, top, let me go!”  she continued to complain. “You’re pulling me off the train, I can’t get my stuff,”she said as she continued to fight the LAPD officer who violently took the woman off the public conveyance by her arm.

It is stated that when Nava was taken from the city’s metro, the cop pinned her against the station wall. After calling the officer a “a**hole,” she said, “This is not f*****g fair that you took me off the train because I put my foot there because I felt comfortable like that.”

As others started to gather, she started to sob. As Nava continued to resist, bystanders pleaded with the police not to do this, stating that it’s not a big thing, and the officer was forced to call for assistance. As Nava started to cry, someone reminded the cop, everything is on video. Another lady yelled, “Are you f*****g kidding me right now?” at the police.

With the crowd on her side, the once-whimpering 18-year-old started swearing at the cop once again. The second lady, subsequently identified as Selina Lechuga, age 22, quickly joins in. “Do you believe you can do this?” After urging others to get the officer’s badge number, Lechuga requested the number. She continued to throw profanities at the police while yelling, “F*****g a**hole!”

The gathering mob proceeded to heckle the officer. “Are you f*****g kidding me? As the ladies continued to fight with the cop on the platform, Lechuga said, he truly has nothing to do. Then, Lechuga used the race card, blaming the officer of targeting Nava to reach his monthly arrest quota and declaring that she would “stand up for her people”

Finally, other cops came and detained Nava and Lechuga, who continued to curse while being arrested. “This is racism. This is what we are: 2018, m**********s like this want to just try to act like they can do whatever they want. F**k you guys,” before spitting at a cop.

Later, Nava’s mother informed that the high school senior had been brought to the hospital with a sprained wrist and that her daughter was only perched on the edge of her own seat. But, in another interview, her daughter denied these statements. In spite of this, she filed a lawsuit, and as a result of her claims, the LAPD launched a use-of-force inquiry into Nava’s arrest and was evaluating any footage obtained during the incident.

Nava was in the wrong, according to Metro’s 28-page customer code of conduct. The guidelines ban “putting feet or shoes on chairs or furniture” as disruptive behavior. In addition, it states that such actions may result in exclusion from the train. Nonetheless, the officer’s actions sparked criticism, with some claiming he went too far, given that they considered the teen’s conduct a minor misdemeanor.

Those who believe Bethany Nava’s conduct was unimportant should be questioned about whether they want to sit where her soiled shoes have been placed. Many go by public transit while dressed in upscale business clothes. They should not have to sit in the filth left by a teenager who believes her comfort is more essential than anybody else’s. Instead of protecting her kid, the girl’s mother can possibly teach her some basic life lessons. First, have some manners. In public, keep your feet off other people’s chairs and on the floor. And when a valid order is issued by a cop, you must obey.

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