Pregnant Daughter Refuses To Let Her Step-Mom Name The Baby Or See Her.

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I’m 25 and pregnant. Dad remarried at 17.

Me and her never got along, she always pushed me, She wanted me to call her mom then got mad when I didn’t, she got mad that my dad was choosing me over her (because we would go out together just me and him), she went through my text messages, got mad at me for talking to my boyfriend about my depression and how I was feeling and not her, tried to take the stuff that I paid for away, phone, car etc, tried to make me babysit her kids multiple times even on my prom night She tried to make me lose weight by fasting for a week straight, I’m a healthy weight was and still am, that has always been monitored by a doctor due to health issues then and now,

Me and my dad still talk just not as much, he wanted to meet for brunch, so I said yes, unaware that he was bringing her.

When they came, we talked for a bit casually with my husband there too, until we got onto the topic of my pregnancy. She asks me all kinds of questions until she gets to names, she told me that I was going to name Amy, her daughters name. I politely said no and said we already had a few names in mind. She started saying why I wasn’t allowing her to name her grandchild and she should get that right, I told her that it’s our right.

That was another issue. She kept saying that I was taking away her right as a grandparent and that I’ve always been such a B to her for no reason and she knew that I never accepted her as my mother from the beginning but I’m a bad parent if I’m going to project that onto my kid.

However this is when I stopped everything and told her she’s not allowed around my kid.

She kept pushing it saying that she always knew I was a brat but to be this bitter to someone who only helped her is absurd. I said that she Can think that all she wants but I’m going to be naming our child whatever we decide and that name won’t be it.

then she decided to try to hit close to home saying that I was going to be a horrible mother, I’m already not taking care of myself, i look like sh**, I’m already eating to much and probably killing my baby with how much I eat, and I just keep adding to how much of a self centered person I am by taking away her bonding with her grandchild.

Woah. That hit me hard, but I was through and told her she’s not going to be seeing my child ever when she’s born since she wanted to push her luck. Before I could say more my husband grabbed our stuff and we left.

I’ve never ever gotten so many messages from so many different people in my life. Multiple people are telling me that she was wrong but I know how she can get but I shouldn’t deny her her grand baby, others are just saying I’m an AH, and my father is on her side too.

I honestly think I’m 100% in the right, could be self absorbed of me to say but I do, but everyone else besides my husband think I’m a raging b****. I need some advice on if I’m wrong.

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