Mother Insist Her Teen Daughter To Share The Same Room With Her Step-Brother.

One of life’s greatest treasures is the love and support of one’s family. There’s no better feeling than knowing that no matter what happens, you always have your family to fall back on. However it’s not always the case. In this story a girl who is not comfortable sharing the room with her stepbrothers. Read the story and let su know what she should do.

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I (15F) live with my mom (45F), step father (44M) and my 5 brothers (15M, 16M, 18M, 20M) and my step brothers (14M and 16M). My oldest brother ‘Matthew’ (29M) and his wife ‘Mary’ (19F) recently moved in after finding out Mary was pregnant.

We live in a 5 bedroom house (and a attic where my room is), my mom and step father in one room, my 2 step brothers in another, my 2nd oldest brother has his own room and so does my 3rd oldest brother, and my 2 other brothers share a room.

When my brother and SIL moved in my mom asked if I could share a room with my step brothers. I said I’d rather not because I wouldn’t feel comfortable. My step father said I was being a brat and that I should suck it up and give up my room because Mary and Matthew need their space. I ignored him for the rest of the week until yesterday at dinner both my step father and SIL kept on telling me that I had to clear out my room by tomorrow because they would be moving their furniture in.

I yelled at both of them to get lost and then my SIL started crying and yelling at me at how she’d never let me see the baby and how horrible I am. I sorta feel bad because I never meant to make her cry, I was just annoyed. I need some advice on if I’m wrong.

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