Babysitter Ignores Cops Knocking At The Door Gets Yelled By The House Owner.

Crime is unavoidable in any city nowadays, and it is difficult to maintain a secure environment with so much at stake and so many lives at risk. It is not always a god who immediately comes to the aid of those in danger, and he sends police officers to sacrifice their own lives in order to save others. A police officer’s responsibility is to save and protect the inhabitants of his city while also upholding the city’s dignity. Let’s remember not all police officers are bad. Read the story to know what this girl who was babysitting thought of cops who knocked at their door. Let su know what are your thoughts on it.

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I’m a college student making some extra money babysitting this summer. I was staying at this family’s house in a different neighborhood I wasn’t familiar with, with their 4 year old and 6 year old for an evening.

I was getting them ready for bed and I heard shots. I told the kids that it must be fireworks. I just got them in bed on the side of the house that wasn’t near the street and sat quietly in their room for a bit until they were asleep. I heard some knocking on the door and I didn’t move even when the guy called out that it was the police and wanted to talk.

Now to some of y’all, that might seem weird. Especially if you have police forces that are trustworthy. But I grew up in a country where the police were outwardly aggressive and dangerous to bring around. Calling the police on any kind of crime against a woman was a surefire way to get a second crime done that night. So I was taught early by my mom to never call the police, just go to sleep. If they come around you didn’t see or hear sh%t, you were sleeping.

My family moved to America when I was 13 and learned that while the police in our area pretend like there is a more formal safe organization they’re no different than the ones back home. Even worse because at least at home everyone knows they’re corrupt and won’t tell them anything or help them with anything. But here, some people believe the air of respectability they put on and aid them. It’s a rougher area I’m living in and I can say for certain that I’ve never seen a cop protect or serve the community.

So for me it was the most obvious thing ever that you don’t come to the door if the cops knock. Like that’s just generally accepted (in the places I’ve lived) as the stupidest sh%t you can do

I found out when the parents came home that that’s not universal. They live in a rich neighborhood and I guess they actually do feel protected and safe with their police. But I didn’t know that so when the mom came in and asked what was going on on the street, I said I don’t know, I didn’t see anything.

She said I must have noticed all the sirens and lights and I said “Yeah, I saw there were cops around, one knocked. I don’t know what it’s about”

She asked me what he had to say and I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world “I don’t know, I didn’t come to the door”

She got angry and asked why I wouldn’t go see what was happening and talk to the officer. I was honestly incredulous, to me it was obvious.

I didn’t explain myself well since I was so incredulous and said “Why would I?” In a “what the hell are you thinking” kind of tone.

She said I should leave and that she didn’t want me watching her kids again. I had to argue with her to just get paid but she eventually did but tipped like sh**. I’m curious about an outside opinion…

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